Virtual Nurse App Development Guide: How to Create Custom Health Assistant Software

In this article we’ll consider virtual nursing app development. This software can help support nursing specialists and minimize overall time spent on nursing services. Custom virtual nurse applications cannot replace nurses, their knowledge, or personalized patient care, but they can help optimize time spent on many auxiliary services like answering typical questions, building routine reports, and more. 

⚠️ If you want to build a virtual nurse app, we can provide you with professional IT consulting and help. To learn more about our virtual care software development services, contact us!

🩺 What are virtual nurse app features, purposes, business perspectives, and software development principles? Frankly speaking, virtual medical assistant application development is expected to be a pretty popular and very promising health-tech business in the 2020s and beyond. The market size of intelligent virtual health assistants is expected to exceed $3 billion by 2025 and keep growing. 

There are several good reasons for developing and adopting medical assistant applications as early as possible…. 👇🏻

The aging population of the United States, the United Kingdom, and other developed countries will require increasingly high levels of medical care, which comes into conflict with a growing lack in the medical workforce, including a deficit of qualified nurses. At the same time, more attention and resources will be directed toward chronic health conditions like cardiac disease, diabetes, COPD, and more. 💉

Building custom virtual nurse applications allows health-tech companies and healthcare providers to provide elderly or alternatively-abled people with additional care, informational support, and tools to maintain their health in a self-care format, if allowed and approved by their healthcare providers. 

Let’s discuss how virtual nursing software can help nurses with remote patient care or patient self-care… 
By the way, you can see an example of a virtual health assistant app below. If you want to create a medical assistant app like this, you’ll need to make sure it provides several essential features, including…  

1. Patient personal profiling (user name, age, basic health data, and more.)
2. A general dialog screen with one or two noticeable buttons, like an EMERGENCY CALL button.
3. A to-do list of health-related tasks and procedures.
4. Health condition reporting and medication reminders.
Virtual assistant nurse application interface example.
Who are we? TATEEDA GLOBAL is a virtual nursing app development company that can assist you with designing and creating a healthcare application for patient care. Our benefits include…

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What Is a Virtual Nurse?

Patient assistance is expensive, especially in-home services. Unfortunately, not everyone has sufficient insurance coverage for round-the-clock nursing assistance or even medical consultation, except for urgent cases. 

At the same time, healthcare facilities like hospitals have to optimize their financial and workforce resources, so they seek heightened automation of nursing tasks, especially medical administration work.   

virtual nurse app developers
📱 Virtual medical assistants (alternatively called virtual nurses, health assistants, or AI nurses) belong to a large group of intelligent software solutions that help automate and/or facilitate tasks specific to nursing staff and provide patients with more tools for daily self-care. 

Virtual/mobile nursing apps can be connected to environments maintained by healthcare providers featuring medical databases and records, medical vocabularies, clinical social platforms, curated content, and more.   

Thanks to mobile platforms in combination with more sophisticated technologies like AI, ML, and IoT, virtual nursing applications will become a very powerful factor in modern healthcare and patient treatment. 

According to a survey conducted in the UK, patients find this type of solution helpful and require the following capabilities…

  • Learn about their symptoms and health conditions.
  • Communicate with their healthcare providers, doctors, and nurses. 
  • Access their online health records and tests. 
  • Examine their health conditions. Check recommendations. 
  • Manage activities and procedures required for better health.

If you want to develop a professional-grade virtual nursing app, TATEEDA GLOBAL can help. We have all the necessary expertise and skills to build a sophisticated virtual assistant for your medical startup or organization. Contact us today for more information! 👇🏻

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How to Benefit from a Virtual Nursing App: Hospitals, Patients, and Nurses

🏥 Healthcare organizations like hospitals and clinics benefit greatly from virtual medical assistant app development. There can be several sides or parallel versions of one virtual nursing application connected to a shared virtual environment deployed by a healthcare provider or health-tech company. 

This approach bridges all sides and stakeholders, healthcare providers, patients, and nurses, enabling specific benefits for everyone. Let’s take a look at them all…  

Nursing Assistant Apps for Healthcare Providers

How can hospitals benefit from developing a virtual nursing app? This type of software helps optimize nursing workloads/hours and costs. 

The major benefits include cutting the costs of medical services and more flexible and rational use of costly nursing resources and work. With the help of AI-powered virtual assistance software, it’s possible to relieve nurses of excessive routines and tasks. There exist many more up-to-date technologies for creating efficient nursing solutions. Let’s delve into more detail 👇🏻 

Additional benefits for hospitals and clinics include:

👩‍⚕️ Alleviate administrative pressure on nursing staff by facilitating less paperwork and reduced office work. All medical records can be viewed, updated, and managed in the application.  

👩‍⚕️ Inform patients and help them monitor/report their symptoms remotely without the need for excessive nurse involvement (i.e., without the need for the personal presence of a nurse, whenever possible.)

👩‍⚕️ Help patients with self-care and health management. Some of these things have traditionally been covered by nurses, but can now be automated or facilitated with the help of software systems. 

👩‍⚕️ Improve nursing time and task reporting with better tools and approaches. Keep a database of nurses and tasks to track progress, outcomes, and other indicators. Nurse applications can be integrated as a client component with medical payroll management systems, and used for financial reporting, pay stub reviews, and more.  

👩‍⚕️ More opportunities for remote nursing advice and consultation (unless it’s an urgent case). This also allows for minimization of costs. 

Here you can find another example of a virtual nursing assistant application that helps healthcare advisors or nurses remotely monitor health conditions in patients at their homes, thanks to the following features…

1. Location of a patient: remote tracking of patient activities and time they spend in different rooms (for example: if a patient stays in a bathroom for too long, this might indicate a dangerous situation.)
2. Immediate video call button for fast communication with a patient to learn if they’re either alright or require any specific medical help or nursing care.
3. Fitness tracker showing the total of steps made by a patient during a week.
Virtual nurse app development: an application user interface (GUI) showing a medication reminder, video call feature, heartbeat rate, and fitness tracker data.
If you want to build a virtual nurse app with an interface design like this (with a video call button, fitness-tracking solution, medication plan, and more), contact us for details.

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Assistant Apps For Nursing Staff 

Nurses can rely on virtual assistant apps as their personal navigators for task management and access of medical data, including patient records. 

As mentioned previously, nursing apps can be connected to a shared base with patients and healthcare organization representatives, allowing continuous data exchange. More specifically, nursing specialists can benefit from virtual assistants in the following ways…

💻 Plan, control, and report their time and workloads in an optimal way. Tasks can come from administrative personnel, be automatically exported from patient portals, or be added manually.

💻 Manage nurse appointments and home visits with the help of calendar scheduling and reminder options. These appointments can be synchronized with a financial module that includes direct payment gateways and other integrations. Make sure to respect medical system interoperability standards.

💻 Communicate with patients to collect feedback and provide telemedicine services/remote nurse consulting via chat or video conferencing. 

💻 Remote health indicator monitoring for nurses. A custom virtual nursing app can be integrated with distant IoT devices like adhesive biosensors that show health indicators like temperature or blood pressure in patients. 

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Health Assistant Apps for Patients

Patients can benefit from virtual health/nurse assistant functionality in the following areas…

💊 Health management & self-care assistance: healthy lifestyle tips, personalized articles, treatment maps, and other health recommendations.

💊 Medicine reminders: help patients remember to exercise, do follow-up procedures, and/or take necessary medication on time. ➡️ Medication Tracker App Development: Guidelines, Features, and Costs.

💊 Symptom-checking and reporting: Let patients self-assess and report health conditions or symptoms on a daily or weekly basis, as required by their treatment plans. All changes are recorded electronically and can later be reviewed by physicians and nurses. 

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Do You Need Help Creating a Virtual Nursing App?

TATEEDA GLOBAL is a San Diego-based IT company with a powerful team of virtual nursing app developers. If you need to develop a virtual nursing app with a full set of features for a hospital, patients, and/or nursing specialists, you can rely on our expertise and skills. 

Contact us to tell more about your project and get free consulting along with your project estimate. Learn more about our medical software services 👇🏻

Custom Healthcare Solutions

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Virtual Nursing App Features to Consider for Your Project

Let’s take a more detailed look at the features that can be included in your nursing software development project. 

Symptoms Analysis Bot

Patients can access personalized symptom-checkers via health assistant apps. These algorithmic bots 🤖 can guide patients through symptom-checking dialogs via voice or text input. If a troublesome health condition is detected, a person can be switched to a human operator or nurse. 

Otherwise, this bot can provide patients with efficient recommendations according to verified treatment protocols or help them relieve symptoms without the immediate engagement of nurses. This virtual nursing app feature is powered by medical AI platforms to ensure that the automated dialog sounds organic and provides accurate medical advice.  

Patient Management

📕 This feature allows nurses to access and manage patient data to review…

  • check-ins 
  • personal details 
  • addresses and routes
  • patient diagnosis 
  • treatment plans 
  • allergies, and so on… 

Your nursing assistant app can be synchronized with a healthcare provider’s database and provide access to registered nurses according to specific permissions and credentials.   

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Medical Instructions

👩‍⚕️ Nurses: Sometimes, even qualified nurses need to refresh their knowledge and review modern treatment protocols. If a healthcare provider maintains a specific database of medical protocols, a registered nurse can access it to check up-to-date instructions and recommendations on medical actions and procedures. 

😷 Patients: This option allows patients to access medical vocabulary, pharmacy data, medical self-help lessons, and anatomy courses. The appropriate capability can be aligned with specific diagnoses and health interests so patients can improve their health management skills and basic medical knowledge.   

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Push Notification

📲 This feature lets hospitals and other healthcare organizations inform their patients about upcoming events, appointment scheduling updates, holidays, marketing offers, and other hospital tasks. 

Built-in Content Module 

📰 This can be a special application page or section used to deliver curated/managed content to patients: personalized healthy lifestyle content, hospital news, patient coaching materials, and more. 

Authorization Options

🔐 Biometric authorization is very important for medical applications because virtual health assistants should be aligned with strict HIPAA requirements. 

Video & Chat Communications

📡 Communication between nurses and patients should be easy, fast, and well-protected (as well as any other PHI).

Virtual Medical Assistant App Design Best Practices

  1. HIPAA Privacy Rule (2003)
  2. HIPAA Security Rule
  3. HITECH Act (2009)
  4. SDLC workflow 
  5. Software and middleware configurations 
  6. Breach-prevention strategy
  7. Well-organized team of virtual nursing app developers
  8. Get the right software professionals to do the right things: UI/UX designers, project managers, front-end developers, mobile developers, Cloud experts, and more. 
TATEEDA GLOBAL can help you build your own virtual nursing app with a sophisticated set of capabilities. If you’re looking for a full-cycle team, project augmentation, or long-term software development outsourcing partner, contact us for more information!

Make sure to review our portfolio 👇🏻

Delivered Healthcare Software Portfolio

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Virtual Nursing App Tech Stack

Сreating a virtual nurse app requires a combination of different platforms–mostly mobile, Cloud, and web-based development.

Mobile and Web Development for Nursing Assistant Apps

Our specialists at TATEEDA GLOBAL are skilled in Angular, React, Vue, Node.js, and Core JavaScript, meaning that we can effortlessly develop a fast, responsive web-based UI for your virtual nurse application, including…

  • Biometric authentication options for nurses and patients
  • Build convenient user interfaces for patients and nursing specialists 
  • Provide users with the ability to access their virtual health assistants through multiple platforms (tablet, mobile phone, etc.) 
  • Establish secure data transmission channels that allow the movement of medical data in a HIPAA-compliant manner.  

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Back-end Technologies for Virtual Nurse Assistant Apps  

The back-end layer of a virtual nursing app includes Cloud data technology for fast, secure transactions of all types. Building a cost-efficient Cloud solution for a virtual medical assistant app will grant superior capability to your software in terms of operating and storing large amounts of medical data. Other important skills are C# and SQL, which are used for back-end systems.

Cloud solutions are secure yet complicated, and require the high level of skill and experience found in TATEEDA GLOBAL’s medical development team. Our Cloud development spectrum encompasses…

  • Azure 
  • AWS 
  • Digital Ocean 
  • Google
  • Mixed/multi-cloud solutions. 

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Third-Party AI Module and Device Integrations 

AI-powered solutions for health assistance are getting more popular these days. An intelligent virtual nurse assistant app can include the following smart, algorithmic, and/or AI-supported capabilities that can be integrated from third-party vendors, like…  

  • Smart content aggregation engine to feed personalized information
  • Medical protocols and content provided by partner hospitals 
  • Emotion-based/analytical tools like identification of patient’s intonation and mood
  • Biosensor device connection for real-time health monitoring
  • Emergency alarm solutions and/or fall detection   
  • Conversational AI for voice and chat assistants
  • Medical data analytics platforms.

We would be happy to help you create a medical assistant app with intelligent functionalities. Our experienced tech engineers will help you with selecting the right vendors, setting up API-based integrated solutions, and writing front-end and back-end codes for you.

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virtual nurse app development company

What Is the Cost of Developing a Custom Virtual Nurse App?

The specific price tag depends on many factors, including…

  • the size of the software (number of functions and screens in the app)
  • the number of third-party solutions to be integrated
  • the set of technologies involved in the development process 
  • the number and skills of virtual nursing app developers on the team
  • the onshore/offshore jurisdiction of the developers…

A very rough estimate could be $50-60,000 USD per project of this type; however, if you need a more specific figure, please contact us and give us more detail

Build Your Own Virtual Nursing App with TATEEDA GLOBAL

As a U.S.-based custom healthcare software development company, TATEEDA GLOBAL treats Protected Health Information (PHI) very seriously. 

Compliance with critical healthcare standards is paramount, and we have medical software experts ready to reinforce your medical telemedicine platform development. 

🔥 Let’s learn more about our offerings and services…

Are you an onshore or offshore virtual nurse app development company? 

Our headquarters are located in San Diego, California; we are American onshore virtual nurse app developers. We offer personalized connections with our project managers in a convenient time zone for North American clients. Our CTO is a seasoned technical expert with rich onsite experience with U.S.-based IoT, healthcare, biotech development, and pharma companies.

Do you offer team augmentation services for virtual nursing development?  

Yes, we can help you reinforce your project with our skilled software specialists, including all types of developers. We have UI designers, front- and back-end developers, mobile developers, software engineers, and testers. All of our specialists go through a rigorous hiring process. They are good at soft skills, too, so they will smoothly integrate into your current team. 

How do you maintain a fair price for your virtual nursing app development services? 

We have our allocated R&D resources across several global locations, including Eastern Europe and Ukraine. Those resources are not freelancers, but our own employees who work with us on a daily basis. A well-balanced mix of local and international talent helps us maintain affordable prices for our clients. 

How fast can you get your team deployed on our project?

We guarantee fast team deployment—within 48-72 hours!

Contact TATEEDA GLOBAL today and outsource your nursing assistant solution development to us!

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