The Ever-Growing Internet of Things for Healthcare

Over the past decade, healthcare technology has taken a quantum leap, providing new tools to hospitals, clinics and practitioners that improve the quality of patient care while streamlining the many processes associated with the business end of healthcare. Internet of Things (IoT) technology connects healthcare devices to one another, to integrate and document every step […]

Healthcare EDI Transactions: Privacy with Less Paperwork

Anyone who has sought medical care for any purpose knows that scads of paperwork are generated with every case. Not only does every medical visit involve stacks of forms full of fine-print paragraphs that are nearly impossible to read, but billing systems generate even more paper waste. Those forms and documents pass through many hands, […]

Healthcare Software Solutions

Like many large and well-established industries, the healthcare sector is being challenged to bring itself up to speed with 21st Century technology. From patient billing to large scale hospital processes, modern healthcare needs to upgrade its systems to keep pace with current demands for accuracy, efficiency, security and privacy.  Use this guide to learn about […]

How businesses resist coronavirus?

Coronavirus is impacting many businesses around the world. Our company has been working with clients remotely for over 7 years. We have well-established streamlined processes, and we will continue to provide uninterrupted support to our clients, with the same reliable performance as always. Our staff is equipped to adapt to any changes, even in the […]

Device testing and quality assurance in medicine 

Like many other fields, the healthcare industry is leveraging technology to deliver high-quality services to patients, streamline data transmission, simplify access to important information, and elevate the quality of  diagnostics and treatment.  Many innovative projects, software products and medical devices have emerged in recent years. Rapid technological advances have made medical devices and software more […]

Healthcare Predictions for 2020

The year 2020 has already enriched the healthcare industry with some discoveries and innovations. But most of the core changes are still ahead. In this article, we will overview the key transformations expected in the world of medicine in the foreseeable future. The general focus is on boosting the quality and affordability of healthcare services, […]