Virtual Nurse App Development Guide

In this article we’ll consider virtual nursing app development. This software can help support nursing specialists and minimize overall time spent on nursing services. Custom virtual nurse applications cannot replace nurses, their knowledge, or personalized patient care, but they can help optimize time spent on many auxiliary services like answering typical questions, building routine reports, […]

How to Build a Medical Second Opinion Telemedicine Platform

In this article, we talk about medical second opinion platform development. This type of health management solution benefits a wide array of patients who need to review or confirm their diagnoses and treatment scenarios. We’ll also consider trends, technologies, and features specific to medical second-opinion software products. Why do patients seek a second medical opinion? […]

The Complete Guide to Healthcare IT Staff Augmentation

In this article, we’ll talk about healthcare IT staff augmentation: its benefits, goals, and associated risks. We’ll learn why this phenomenon matters, and why outstaffing models for healthcare are becoming more popular with American medical professionals and health-tech companies. Budget constraints? Persistent COVID pandemic? Medical workforce crisis?  These are only a small part of the […]

Building Efficient Embedded System Design: Process, Types, and Implementation

In this article, we’ll discuss the embedded system design process in high-level terms. Embedded systems are widely used in biotech applications, medical engineering, laboratory and pharmacy management systems, health-tech solutions, and IoT devices. This piece includes expert advice from TATEEDA GLOBAL’s experts plus examples of solutions delivered by our company. Please contact us for a […]

mHealth App Development: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss… The significance of mHealth apps for the healthcare industry  How to develop a mobile health app and what it takes  The average estimated cost of mobile app development for healthcare How to get professional help with this type of app. mHealth app development is extremely popular nowadays. mHealth (mobile health) […]

The Advanced Guide to Custom Healthcare Software Development for 2022 (FAQ)

How can custom healthcare software solutions streamline your medical practice in 2022? And how can you develop an efficient piece of healthcare software at a reasonable cost? In this article (organized as an FAQ), we’ll tell you everything there is to know about software development in healthcare, including general healthcare digitalization trends in the context […]

Medical Software Design and How to Build It: The Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss custom medical device software development. The new generation of healthcare startups and companies offers innovative, portable, convenient medical devices for a variety of healthcare situations and needs. The relatively new concept of “Software as a Medical Device” (SaMD) is unveiling huge opportunities in the creation of advanced applications for existing […]

How to Build a Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

In this article, we’ll discuss laboratory management systems, their most important features, and ways to benefit from LIMS and develop custom LIMS software for medical laboratory businesses. This piece contains advice from TATEEDA GLOBAL’s software specialists, who have considerable experience in building lab information management systems (LIMS) for American and global biotech companies.  Efficient healthcare […]

Patient Portal Development Guide: Types, Features & Cost in 2022

In this article, we’ll discuss… The basic purposes of patient portals in healthcare The features and benefits of patient portals for medical practices How to develop a patient portal and get the help you need with this type of project. If you manage a healthcare business or medical organization, you most likely maintain hundreds or […]