How to Develop Hospital Management Software in 2023: Features, Modules, and Concepts

In this article, we will explain how to create hospital management software (HMS). If you are required to develop a hospital management system, you’ll need to delve deeply — not only into health tech matters under the hood, but also into existing business processes in your hospital or clinic. ⚠️ If you require immediate help […]

The Complete Guide to Healthcare IT Staff Augmentation in the United States [2023]

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Building Efficient Embedded System Design: Process, Types, and Development

In this article, we’ll discuss the embedded system design process in high-level terms. Embedded systems are widely used in biotech applications, medical engineering, laboratory and pharmacy management systems, health-tech solutions, and IoT devices. This piece includes expert advice from TATEEDA GLOBAL’s experts plus examples of embedded system software development solutions delivered by our company. ⚠️ […]

How to Develop Pharmacy Management Software: Benefits, Features, and Technologies

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How to Launch a Healthcare Startup: The Guide to Building Great Health-tech Products

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IT Outsourcing in Healthcare: Benefits & Services in 2023

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A Complete Guide to Adopting ERP Software Systems for Healthcare Business Operations

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Virtual Nurse App Development Guide: How to Create Custom Health Assistant Software

In this article we’ll consider virtual nursing app development. This software can help support nursing specialists and minimize overall time spent on nursing services. Custom virtual nurse applications cannot replace nurses, their knowledge, or personalized patient care, but they can help optimize time spent on many auxiliary services like answering typical questions, building routine reports, […]

How to Build a Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

In this article, we’ll discuss laboratory management systems, their most important features, and ways to benefit from LIMS and develop custom LIMS software for medical laboratory businesses. This piece contains advice from TATEEDA GLOBAL’s software specialists, who have considerable experience in building lab information management systems (LIMS) for American and global biotech companies. If you require […]

How to Develop a Senior Care Mobile Application

Elder care app development is a promising field in the medical software business, as the demand for this app type is rapidly growing in the United States, Canada, and other major economies. In this article, we’ll consider senior care app development: its benefits, features, market, and technical aspects. ⚠️ If you require immediate help with […]