Agile Events for Superior Product Development

Agile Events, formerly known as Agile Ceremonies, encompass the series of steps taken during Agile project development sprints. In a nutshell, Agile Events are a coordinated approach to team interaction throughout a project’s development lifecycle. Without a coordinated methodology, project development could quickly degenerate to a chaotic maelstrom fueled by miscommunication, ambiguity, and frustration.  The […]

Advantages of Custom Software

All excelling companies are shifting a large portion of their operational processes to the digital space. Strong tech backup is a key prerequisite for growth, development, excellent customer service and market superiority. You cannot expect to out-perform your competitors if you use the same strategies and tools. and approaches as theirs. Off-the-shelf software products have […]

Device testing and quality assurance in medicine 

Like many other fields, the healthcare industry is leveraging technology to deliver high-quality services to patients, streamline data transmission, simplify access to important information, and elevate the quality of  diagnostics and treatment.  Many innovative projects, software products and medical devices have emerged in recent years. Rapid technological advances have made medical devices and software more […]