The Ever-Growing Internet of Things for Healthcare

In this post, we’ll discuss how the IoMT (a.k.a. connected health systems) can benefit medical providers, healthcare facilities, and organizations, both in the U.S. and worldwide. This includes a dedicated algorithm for building IoT healthcare solutions. Over the past decade, healthcare technology has taken a quantum leap, providing new tools to hospitals, clinics, and practitioners […]

HL7 Integration: How to Build Interoperability Interface for Your Healthcare Systems

How does HL7 work and how should you implement it? In this article, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about HL7 standard integration and other interoperability development services for healthcare applications and medical IT projects.   Health Level 7 (HL7®) Standards were designed to allow different healthcare organizations to exchange clinical and administrative data between […]

Custom EHR/EMR Software System Development: The Complete Guide

From this article, you’ll learn… ✔️ Everything there is to know about EMR & EHR software development ✔️ The benefits, challenges, and features of electronic record systems in healthcare. EHR/EMR systems are very popular among American healthcare providers.  With this type of technology, public health workers can achieve healthcare quality that has never been achieved […]

mHealth App Development: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss… The significance of mHealth apps for the healthcare industry  How to develop a mobile health app and what it takes  The average estimated cost of mHealth mobile app development for healthcare How to get professional help with this type of app. ⚠️ If you require immediate help with the development […]

Remote ECG-monitoring Software Development: Features, Benefits, and Guidelines 2023

In this article, we’ll discuss: ✅ How the situation in healthcare has encouraged a boom in electrocardiogram-monitoring apps.✅ The reasons for creating an ECG monitoring system for your healthcare practice.✅ How to develop an ECG monitoring system or get help with this type of project.  ⚠️ If you require immediate help with the development of […]

Cardiology EHR/EMR Software Development: Benefits and Features

In this article, we’ll discuss… The current situation with cardiac health in the U.S. Benefits and features of custom cardiology software development, including EHR integrations Guidelines on how to develop an EHR system for cardiology practices and/or get help with this type of software project. ⚠️ If you require immediate help with the development of […]

Mental Health Therapist App Development Guide: Technology, Features, and Costs

💬 Online therapy app development for psychological support and assistance is a hot topic in modern healthcare and a highly promising segment in next generation medical software. 🧠 Would you like to be among the beneficiaries of this growing industry? There exist too many reasons why mental health counseling apps are in high demand today…and […]

Healthcare Data Visualization: Examples, Benefits & Challenges

💬 Healthcare data visualization is still a bit underrated in terms of health data analytics and representation. However, this superior method has gradually become a mega-trend and game-changer in the industry.  For many years, data visualization in healthcare has not been widely adopted and has remained massively underused by the majority of medical professionals…  Everything […]

Interoperability in Healthcare IT: Medical System Integration and Compatibility Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss… ✅ Interoperability of health information systems:The purpose and definitions of interoperable medical IT solutions. ✅ Why data interoperability is important in healthcare:Benefits, issues, and challenges for healthcare providers and their patients. ✅ How to achieve interoperability in healthcare:Technologies and models specific to compliance with health IT interoperability.  If you want […]

17 Major Healthcare Technology Trends of 2023

In this article, we’ll discuss up-to-date health-tech trends, including medical AI-aided solutions, IoT networks used in hospital settings or patient homes, professional wearables, smart implants, and much more. This article is created by IT specialists of TATEEDA GLOBAL, a custom medical software development company. Please contact us for deeper consultation on how you can use modern […]