Patient Electronic Data Capture Solution Development: The Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss… How to develop an electronic data capture system for medical needs   The features and benefits of an EDC system in healthcare practice How to get qualified assistance with this type of project Getting patient feedback is a crucial factor in healthcare analytical efforts. It’s necessary for many situations, but especially […]

How to Maintain and Support Healthcare Software: The Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss why software maintenance is needed in healthcare. We’ll learn everything there is to know about methods, the specialists you’ll need, the associated costs, and the overall importance of software maintenance for all healthcare organizations. You’ll learn how to organize your software to save valuable resources. Modern healthcare services are inseparable […]

Patient Portal Development Guide: Types, Features & Cost

In this article, we’ll discuss… The basic purposes of patient portals in healthcare The features and benefits of patient portals for medical practices How to develop a patient portal and get the help you need with this type of project. If you manage a healthcare business or medical organization, you most likely maintain hundreds or […]

Medical HR Software Development

Is it easy to hire a good physician or nurse these days? The reports are telling us that it’s not easy at all. U.S. healthcare is facing an acute shortage of medical professionals.  At the same time, HR professionals from United States healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics are calling it a headache that pesters them […]

Pharmacy Management Software Development

In this article, we’ll discuss how pharma businesses in the United States and Europe can benefit from the implementation of pharmacy management software. You’ll also learn everything there is to know about pharmacy management software development.    The pharmacy business is booming worldwide, and in the United States in particular. The U.S. pharmaceutical market is accountable […]

Medical Staff Management and Scheduling Software Development

Healthcare is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world, and in the United States in particular.  Physicians and other skilled healthcare professionals are among the highest-paid employees in the U.S., with a median hourly wage of about $100 (estimated for family practice physicians in 2021.)  The hourly pay of hospital surgeons can be […]

Guide to Building the Best Custom Medical Appointment Scheduling Software

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about medical appointment app development: the benefits and challenges of adopting appointment-management software solutions in your healthcare practice, their most popular features, and the best software development guidelines.   To keep your medical practice running like a well-oiled machine, it is imperative that your patients show […]

Medical Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Medicine

In this article, we’ll delve into matters of medical software quality assurance. You’ll learn why testing is necessary for every new software system to be implemented in a healthcare organization, how the testing process should be organized to comply with security standards and regulations, and many other details. Like numerous other fields, the healthcare industry […]

The Ever-Growing Internet of Things for Healthcare

In this post, we’ll discuss how the IoMT (a.k.a. connected health systems) can benefit medical providers, healthcare facilities, and organizations, both in the U.S. and worldwide. This includes a dedicated algorithm for building IoT healthcare solutions. Over the past decade, healthcare technology has taken a quantum leap, providing new tools to hospitals, clinics, and practitioners […]

When and Why You Need to Update Your Legacy Healthcare Software Systems

As technology evolves and becomes more complex and efficient, software systems need to be continually updated to keep pace with competitors and meet consumer demands. Healthcare software is no exception. The demands for integrated patient records, HIPAA compliance, tightly controlled security and accurate reporting have never been greater.  If your healthcare practice has been limping […]