Solution: A Bird's-eye View

  • Four business-critical software modules (financial reporting, time tracking, portal for medical workers, mobile apps)
  • Three distinct mobile apps (workspaces for different user groups)
  • Solution for managing the widest travel nurse assignment base in the U.S.
  • Long-term tech partnership with one of the largest private MedTech companies in existence
Slava Khristich


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That is a great experience and ongoing working cooperation between both companies on the technology front which leads both partners to raise their technical and management expectations and quality higher and higher. Both teams have interdependencies on each other and became a much bigger whole than the sum of its parts.

Project Description

Aya Healthcare is one of the largest private MedTech companies in the U.S., and offers reliable medical staffing software and travel nursing services to medical institutions. Recruiting and employing medical staff, Aya Healthcare’s platform provides access to one of the largest pools of contract clinicians in the country. The platform allows U.S. healthcare clients to improve service quality, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Currently, Aya has more than 3,000 contracts with health facilities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands.

Challenges & Project Goals

In the MedTech industry, researchers, innovators, and lawmakers are striving to make services more efficient, cost-effective, and available to a greater number of users. The majority of healthcare clients require continuous quality improvement and a wide range of commercial services.

With fierce market competition, companies must meet these expectations and still maintain control over costs. In this particular case, automation of manual data entry made the process more efficient and accurate while computerization of commercial operations allowed the workflow to reach a new level.

The use of advanced technology was a critical element in Aya’s rapid development and retention of their leading position in the healthcare market. Aya Healthcare approached TATEEDA GLOBAL with a request to upgrade some of its legacy platforms that had been preventing their business from growing. Other important tasks included:

  • Expense optimization 
  • Promotion of Aya’s product MSP (Managed Services Program) and VMS (Vendor Management System) to other hospitals  
  • Medical personnel management platform development
  • Improvements to the contract-signing process
Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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Collaboration with AYA Healthcare has offered TATEEDA GLOBAL an exciting opportunity to challenge our team’s potential. We’ve generated a very sophisticated yet efficient technology stack and a perfectly calibrated development methodology, which helped us to deliver a world-class product within a pretty tight deadline as required by the client.


TATEEDA GLOBAL worked closely with Aya Healthcare’s team to optimize the technical side of their travel nurse personnel management platform, providing several solutions to increase operational efficiency. During the project, TATEEDA GLOBAL faced many challenges:

Automation of their financial reporting system

Development of a new time-tracking system 

Mobile application development for medical personnel

Development of a portal for medical representatives for clinical use

Main Features We Delivered

Healthcare Financial Reporting System Automation

Previous to TATEEDA GLOBAL’s involvement, a significant increase in vendors and employees in Aya’s database had led to a slowdown in data processing and efficiency. In addition, Aya’s existing financial reporting system was impossible to scale. These factors started to hamper the company’s growth, performance, and productivity. 

After thorough analysis in collaboration with Aya Healthcare’s specialists, TATEEDA GLOBAL identified solutions for re-engineering their old financial reporting system. They decided to automate all financial operations to facilitate data processing and administration. Using Aya’s business logic, the TATEEDA GLOBAL team developed a new solution and the tech stack necessary for its implementation.

The new system is fully scalable, automatically calculates data, and offers more accurate billing and billing management. The new solution improves data processing for existing clients, helps Aya obtain large new client accounts, and strengthens the company’s competitive advantage in the market.


Time-tracking System Development

Updating Aya’s HR management system required building software that would automatically calculate working hours. This brand-new medical personnel time-tracking solution became an intrinsic part of Aya’s financial reporting system. Working together, our teams determined the requirements and functionalities of the future product. Thanks to everyone’s high technological skill set, this innovative solution was successfully launched in just one year.

The newly-built system calculates employee work hours, and, based on data analysis, automatically generates reports for billing. These reports show a range of crucial data: a number of days worked, hours worked, hourly wages, and location.

Currently, the software is working seamlessly with Aya Healthcare’s system. It is also available to other medical institutions as a viable corporate solution for work process optimization.

Development of Mobile Applications for Medical Personnel

Attractive, intuitive mobile apps are necessary for a powerful competitive advantage. Aya Healthcare asked the TATEEDA GLOBAL team to build mobile applications that would provide a better user experience for their medical personnel. 

We developed three native mobile applications:

  • A workspace for medical workers
  • A mobile platform that allows medical workers to find temporary jobs
  • A workspace for hospitals and their medical system representatives

Each application has its own unique set of features that fully covers user needs. Implementing different platforms instead of combining them into one complex system makes them more accessible and effective.


Development of a Portal for Clinic and Medical System Representatives

As Aya Healthcare continued to grow, they needed to find a way to interact with their clients efficiently while quickly providing necessary data. TATEEDA GLOBAL’s task was to develop and maintain an easy-to-use portal for hospitals and healthcare system representatives.

The TATEEDA GLOBAL team built a portal optimized for mobile that brought in more traffic. The website allowed users access to the most extensive database of open medical positions in the U.S. They could now create vacancies, search for candidates, and interact with other users. Today, 4,000 users visit the website daily.

Critical development stages of the clinic portal included:

  • Creation of advanced business logic and highly scalable architecture
  • Implementation of a complex individual-user authorization system
  • Development of a multi-level job verification system.

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Development Requirements


Data privacy is the number one priority in the MedTech market. All solutions developed by TATEEDA GLOBAL maintain the highest level of data security, applying top security best practices and multi-level testing throughout the project life cycle.  

Additional Jobs

TATEEDA GLOBAL has been partnering with Aya Healthcare’s staffing company for the last five years, and our partnership is still going strong. In this time, we have improved existing company products, created new platforms, streamlined workflows, and provided continuous technical support. The TATEEDA GLOBAL team has also:

  • Restructured databases
  • Supported and integrated legacy services with new ones
  • Consolidated small applications into a single API service
  • Developed specialized brand new websites, including Aya Healthcare’s main website
  • Automated the majority of work processes
  • Customized all applications for Aya’s subsidiaries

Tech stack/technologies

Back end

  • C#, .NET Core
  • MS SQL
  • Web API
  • Mock
  • Fluent Assertions
  • xUnit
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Async/ await, multithreading
  • TPL
  • REST
  • OpenID
  • JSON Web Token



  • Azure DevOps
  • TeamCity
  • Octopus Deploy

Front end

  • Angular7
  • AngularJS
  • Angular CLI
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS
  • Angular Material
  • Bootstrap
  • Kendo UI
  • Responsive design
  • NativeScript


Mobile development

  • NativeScript
  • Angular


Agile / Other

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Planning poker
  • Git


Thanks to the medical personnel solutions developed by TATEEDA GLOBAL, Aya Healthcare has:

  • Noticed a significant improvement in operational efficiency
  • Almost doubled their number of signed contracts in less than 3 yearsan impressive result that aligns short- and long-term goals
  • Attracted the interest of well-known clients in healthcare
  • Increased their number of full-time employees
  • Managed content while quickly tracking and analyzing big data with staff time-tracking automation
  • Increased work efficiency and reduced their maintenance budget.

In Conclusion

The project was a huge success. Today, Aya Healthcare’s staffing service is one of the best in the industry. The use of cutting-edge technology during this project produced a unique stand-out solution. Aya’s own customers were impressed, as well.

Anna King

Director of Product Development, Aya, San Diego, California, US

TATEEDA GLOBAL has a wonderful team. They are knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and are committed to high-quality results. They provide efficient solutions, so we are able to continuously grow our business in great ways.

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