Solution: A Bird's-eye View

TATEEDA GLOBAL was involved as a project reinforcement partner to help SCRx Pharmacy with back-end development, cloud integration, third-party API integration, QA, and many other key business processes optimizations and improvements. 

Project outcomes:

  • SCRx was able to automate and accelerate processes for drug distribution, both within the facility and for delivery to customers’ homes.   
  • SCRx acquired several crucial improvements in their existing pharmacy claim-management system, including automated bulk PDF import and scanning.
  • Thanks to the algorithm-based text recognition feature (so-called OCR or Optical Character Recognition) implemented by TATEEDA GLOBAL, SCRx’s staff was introduced to new system alerts and notifications.
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This project was relatively straightforward with challenges for third-party integrations. The client was very cooperative and provided all requested information quickly and clearly. The team had to come up with some clever ways to adopt and implement business requirements to satisfied business logic. The project also helped both companies to establish long-term relationships for future collaboration and ongoing support.

Project Description

SCRx is a pharmacy based in Southern California whose focus is post-acute care. Previously, the company lacked efficiency due to cumbersome business processes. Their managers were obliged to check PDF pharmacy claims received via email through ZenDesk (a customer support system), then handle the data in another online system to fulfill prescription drug orders. TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by SCRx to bridge those systems and help them fully optimize, automate, and speed up their pharmacy business processes.  

Challenges + Project Goals

Project Abstract

SCRx hired TATEEDA GLOBAL to implement advanced functionalities and integrations for better performance in their existing custom-developed pharmacy inventory-management solution. 

Specific configurations of drug prices and dosages found in PDF documents needed to be managed in a specific way so a template-based email response would be generated for every claim of that type. Manual search and processing of data in PDF documents was eating up a great deal of valuable time, so automation of this process was among the first tasks on TATEEDA GLOBAL’s list.  

Challenges Faced by the Client

  • Lack of data portability between the existing pharmacy-management platform and ZenDesk’s ticket-management system. 
  • A great deal of manual work, including document checks and manual data input to pharmacy inventory software and emails.  
  • Limited speed and accuracy in SCRx’s high-cost prescription monitoring due to manual operations. 

Project Goals

  • Integrate SCRx’s web-based pharmacy management app with ZenDesk for automated data import.
  • Implement automatic processing of PDF attachments with the help of text recognition algorithms (OCR) programmed to look for specific keywords and generate notifications.
  • Add a series of additional PDF reports, email notifications/alerts, and electronic signature functionality. 
  • Develop a UI component to manage email replies, PDF templates, and alert parameters. 
  • Import and process data from CSV files with alert notifications.


TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered the following: 

  • Empowered SCRx’s web-based pharmacy claim-management system to receive and interpret PDF documents from ZenDesk.
  • Added OCR-based processing module to scan PDF attachments for specific types of data (keywords, prices, etc.)
  • Added additional types of PDF reports to be automatically generated based on data found in PDF claims.
  • Added automatic alert notifications when certain prescription drugs and price/dosage combinations are detected (for example, if a daily cost limit exceeds preset levels).    
  • Developed UI panel to manage PDF document parameters and add/remove/update medications, costs, and dosages.  
  • All necessary back-end and front-end API component integrations and QA arrangements. 

Features We Delivered

  • Cross-system integration 
  • PDF OCR (text recognition scanning)
  • PDF reports with electronic signature feature
  • CSV data import and processing
  • Email notifications
  • New UI component design and implementation

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Tech Stack & Resources


  • AngularJS
  • Entity Framework 
  • C#


  • Software Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Developer
  • QA Engineer


  • Thanks to TATEEDA GLOBAL, SCRx increased the speed and accuracy of their business processes, including pharmacy claim processing and medication order fulfillment.
  • With the process facilitation implemented by TATEEDA GLOBAL, the amount of manual work was reduced to minimal levels. 

In Conclusion

This solution is a great example of a pharmacy system feature executed by TATEEDA GLOBAL. Our solution allowed the client to fully optimize their business capabilities. 

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