Solution: A Bird's-eye View

  • Customer access portal to a specialized mobile app (Android + iOS)
  • Web-based administration panel to manage in-app content for the client’s needs
  • Enhanced visibility and accessibility for La Maestra’s services and locations
  • 100% customer satisfaction with the high-quality product they received.
Slava Khristich


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That was the first application developed for the client. They had an idea of what they want to see but needed guidance on how to do that. Our team was able not just to deliver the application but also to flash out gaps in the processes and help the client to achieve desired functionality with the minimum effort.

Project Description

La Maestra Family Clinic (nonprofit organization) currently has five primary care clinics, including The Hope Clinic, which is a health center for the homeless, plus ten dental suites, four school-based sites, a mobile medical and dental unit, and a mobile mammography unit serving central, east and southern San Diego County.

Challenges + Project Goals

Project Abstract

LaMaestra Community Health Centers asked us to create a patient portal mobile application that would provide complete information about their health centers and services in addition to community news and an informative blog. 

One of the key issues experienced by La Maestra Family Clinic before they hired TATEEDA GLOBAL was a lack of publicity and an overall visibility deficit of their services to a broader audience. Their website content hadn’t been updated in a while because the update wasn’t an easy process.

La Maestra’s Product Requirements 

  • Simple, functional, aesthetically pleasing user-friendly mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Web-based admin panel allowing full management of in-app content
  • Better service for their patients
  • The ability to attract public attention and donors.
Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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Our custom patient portal app development on behalf of La Maestra Family Clinic was a pretty typical job for us. We always have the right resources, methods, and procedures in place to accomplish this type of project painlessly. We are capable of delivering an MVP app within a month, while additional time can be allocated for polishing and building features depending on the client’s vision and situation. Our customers always get a quality product with the best data security.


Our team has successfully delivered an MVP patient portal mobile app within approximately one month.

We finalized and polished the app over the course of the following months (according to the client’s deadline and situation).

When the full-cycle development was executed, we ended up with a mature product featuring the following traits: 

  • highly responsive
  • well optimized
  • quality-assured
  • esthetically pleasing 
  • user-friendly 
  • supportive of iOS and Android platforms. 

According to the client’s requirements, the application featured a patient portal with an efficient mechanism of access control, including managed content that could be easily updated by authorized La Maestra Family clinic representatives via a web-based admin panel.    

The app was a great success, as it helped the client to greatly boost their visibility. The app is available for download on Google Play and in the Apple Store. 

With this app, La Maestra can stay in touch with users and patients 24/7. Through web-based admin panel management, they can quickly and easily update content, share news, and update important information related to their medical centers and services.

Features We Delivered

The app includes the following functionality and features created by TATEEDA GLOBAL: 

  • Clinic location lookup. Users can easily find nearby medical centers.
  • Users can view lists of services provided in specific medical centers and check their business hours. 
  • One-touch dialing to La Maestra call centers through the app.
  • A patient portal in which users can view their appointments, see test results, and send secure messages to the staff. 
  • Google Maps integration to generate directions to La Maestra’s nearest medical centers.
  • Admins can create, edit, deactivate, or delete any data on the mobile app through the portal, from any location. 
  • A compliant control/management system with the ability to assign different roles and access levels for a range of users.

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Tech Stack & Resources

Mobile Development

  • Native Script 6
  • Angular 8
  • Google Maps API

Front End

  • Angular 8
  • Angular Material 

Back end

  • Web API
  • MSSQL 
  • .NET3
  • Entity Framework


  • Front-end and Back-end Developers 
  • QA Engineers 
  • Project Manager

Agile / Other

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Scrum 


Release of our patient portal mobile app allowed for the following outcomes: 

  • The La Maestra Mobile App has significantly broadened the clinic’s visibility on the market and to users. 
  • Now, users can easily find clinic locations, view the healthcare services they provide, contact clinics directly, and check their business hours. 
  • In the app’s patient portal, users can view their appointments, see test results, and send secure messages to staff. 
  • Via in-app content, La Maestra can share community news and informative blogs with users. 
  • Users can make online donations. 
  • The admin panel feature makes the process of updating and administrating in-app content much easier. 
Sal Saldivar

CTO, La Maestra Community Health Centers

TATEEDA GLOBAL had a very methodical approach in helping up develop our mobile app. Besides just developing the software, it required managing my team (as the customer) to provide the required information and decision-making. TATEEDA GLOBAL’s always had our best interest in mind and made sure we have a realistic expectation.

In Conclusion

La Maestra’s patients and staff received previously unavailable online services. App content is frequently updated with useful information.

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