Solution: A Bird's-eye View

We were involved as a project reinforcement partner to help a large software engineering company that was contracted by a high-end global lab-automation equipment manufacturer (company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.)

Project outcomes:

  • The client finalized their medical laboratory testing device project and prepared their product for further market introduction and sales.   
  • An efficient software solution was designed for high-end laboratory equipment to support and manage operations according to specific lab protocols.
  • Lab equipment operators obtained a convenient, reliable user interface to manage their new device and monitor critical lab test information.


Status management display in lab automation software
Slava Khristich


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Hardware integration is not an easy task, especially when you developing software remotely. Both teams were able to successfully work on the project because of constant open communication with great support from the local development team, who were able to install updates and report any found issues in very detailed forms.

Project Description

The client is a U.S.-based vendor of biotech robotics and laboratory automation equipment. The company specializes in building complex device/software systems for medical labs across the world, and owns a widely recognized brand of scientific equipment. They had designed and created a high-end device for lab automation, and were looking for reliable IT service partners to help them develop the lab-test machine software behind their hardware product. TATEEDA GLOBAL was one of the key contractors that helped build the solution that drives the functionality of their device.

Challenges + Project Goals

Project Abstract

The client hired TATEEDA GLOBAL to build several key functionalities to be included in the overarching complex functionality of their robotic lab equipment.

The purpose of the software solution was to support the execution of lab tests according to the lab protocols (including management of certain device functionalities) while providing human operators with exhaustive data about testing status.  

Our Mission

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired to develop several critically important software components to achieve optimal performance from a robotic lab test device. TATEEDA GLOBAL’s team was integrated into a larger project team of software engineers developing segments of a sophisticated desktop-based system intended to drive laboratory test automation hardware.

Project Goals

  • Use existing software architecture/platform to design new functionalities. 
  • Build a status-management system for the lab device. Enable operators to control the queue of test tubes/containers being processed and check the status of each sample going throughout the machine-processing workflow.
  • Produce a reliable desktop application to display a set of important test parameters and results via electronic tables, menus, and indicators managed via UI controls/buttons.
  • Allow the software to manipulate certain hardware components/functions.
Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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IT staff augmentation services have always been among our top priorities. We have exceptional experience in helping U.S. technology companies with their large-scale software projects. Our interests lie far beyond being just “code monkeys.” Instead, we are dedicated collectors of new skills and competencies empowering us to deliver sophisticated software products on time and impress our clients with our deep proficiency in health tech, IoT, and biotech development.


TATEEDA GLOBAL quickly became involved in the development process, delivering the following results:

Reliable, well-tested client desktop application to operate a robotic system

Fully functional UI with required levels of protected access and security

Information-rich spreadsheets, panels, and menus presenting data coming from the hardware components

Two-way communication with the lab device’s native functionality

Features We Delivered

  • Efficient client-server connection. Continuous data exchange between the lab device and server machine was established.
  • Lab test status management. Operators obtained UI components that facilitate control over the queue of test tubes/containers undergoing machine processing (samples pending, complete, or excluded).
  • Visualization of sample statuses; maps showing the location of test tubes in drawers/racks. 
  • Monitoring of process parameters. The system provides constant monitoring information to the lab technician with data points like speed of rotation, temperature, reagent mixing ratios, and more.
  • Lab hardware diagnostics. Convenient access to instrument statuses, reagent levels, maintenance options, etc.
  • Test reporting features: The ability to view real-time sample/test statuses of incoming/outgoing test tubes, check their ID codes, monitor errors (if any), and obtain other important data describing the outcome of each sample.
  • Authentication system for users: login and PIN code protection + role-based levels of access.
  • Hardware component management: drawer-opening, lighting and signal management, and other hardware commands integrated into UI controls. 
  • Analytical features: customizable reports and data-filtering options.
Process management screen in lab automation software
Sample status report in lab automation software
Status management display in lab automation software

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Tech Stack/Technologies


  • WPF (MVVM)
  • Windows Forms


  • WCF
  • MS SQL


  • Project Manager
  • 3 Developers
  • QA Engineers


  • Jira
  • Scrum


  • The client obtained a fully functional science/medical lab automation instrument for the global market.
  • Laboratory workers obtained reliable instrumentation for lab test monitoring.
  • The client reported the successful launch of their robotic lab machine and expressed appreciation for TATEEDA GLOBAL’s contribution.

In Conclusion

Thanks to TATEEDA GLOBAL, the client finalized a medical lab test automation device currently used in many private and hospital labs in the United States and other countries. 

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