Solution: A Bird's-eye View

  • The client received a web application that integrates all key business operation processes with data and product-management features.
  • The client was introduced to simplified data management and order-processing workflows.
  • The client reported increased financial performance due to faster order processing and shipment. 
  • TATEEDA GLOBAL’s efforts resulted in new opportunities for the client to acquire more business partners.
Slava Khristich


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We have had a great experience working with the client. It is collaborative cooperation where both sites are in constant communication. The client would let us take care of the technical side and we would implement business logic directed by them. In many cases, we also helped to refine some workflow based on our deep knowledge and technical expertise…

Project Description

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by the client, a Canadian pharmaceutical business, to design and build a web-based application/system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs for the client’s partners within the U.S. and achieve higher efficiency within their own staff in Canada.

Challenges + Project Goals

Project Abstract

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired to deliver a custom web-based application intended to automate and facilitate a number of business processes for a pharma product vendor. This included ordering, processing, and shipping of prescription drugs to local U.S. corporations and distributors.

Project Mission

To help the client get rid of many obsolete technologies while implementing an up-to-date software solution to facilitate existing practices and achieve better business results.  

Challenges Faced by the Client  

  • Manual product database management with Excel spreadsheets 
  • Manual client database management 
  • Use of multiple applications for processing prescriptions, converting to U.S. equivalents, shipping orders, and tracking 
  • Time-consuming manual report generation 
  • Manual tracking of company operations (cost, revenue, and profits) with Excel spreadsheets. 

Project Goals

  • Create a centralized database of patients, prescriptions, and orders. 
  • Differentiate management of the application according to roles within the organization. 
  • Implement automation of processes.
  • Integrate web application with postal services. 
  • Add order-tracking records. 
  • Build historical reports. 
  • Create automated financial reports: calculate cost of shipment and products plus revenue and profit. 
  • Create a one-stop application for all business operations and financial reports.
Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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We are always looking for new opportunities in custom medical software development, including pharma businesses, medication wholesalers, and drugstore network operators. We have helped numerous pharmaceutical companies in the U.S., and our experience with this particular client was a tremendous example of super-friendly collaboration between TATEEDA GLOBAL and our customers. 


TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered the following: 

  • Created a centralized database of patients, prescriptions, clients, and shipping orders
  • Created visual dashboards for pharmacists, eligibility managers, case managers, and doctors 
  • Automated the process of entering U.S. prescriptions into the system 
  • Conversion of U.S. prescriptions to their Canadian equivalents 
  • Automated the process of physician authorization and verification  
  • Automated processing and shipping of orders 
  • Automated calculation of pricing for different partners 
  • Integrated web app with the Canadian postal service 
  • Automated the creation of shipping labels
  • Automated the process of the prescription shipping and delivery 
  • Built historical and financial reports. 

Features We Delivered

  • Web access portal with user authorization and protection features.
  • Consolidated database of pharmaceutical business data.
  • Visual dashboards for role-based users.
  • Automation of numerous business processes. 
  • Shipping: order-management features.  
  • A range of API integrations. 
  • Shipping-label creation. 
  • Reporting/analytics.

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Tech Stack & Resources


  • .NET 5
  • Angular 9 


  • Jira
  • Scrum


  • Three Front-end Developers
  • QA Engineers
  • Project Manager


  • The client’s web application integrated all business operation processes, including data and product management, thereby gaining multiple benefits and facilitations. 
  • The client reported significant improvement in their financial performance, thanks to optimized order processing and shipment. 
  • The client obtained new opportunities to acquire more business partners in the U.S.

In Conclusion

This solution is a nice example of pharmacy management software delivered by TATEEDA GLOBAL. It allowed the client to scale up and optimize their business operations in the United States.

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