Solution: A Bird's-eye View

Project outcomes:

  • The client obtains a fully functional application synchronized with a biosensor device via server application
  • Patients (biosensor device users) and their clinicians (app users) obtain a reliable channel for remote heart monitoring and better healthcare
  • Thanks to the great success of the remote heart monitoring mobile application, the client returns to TATEEDA GLOBAL for an additional project 
Slava Khristich


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In a short period of time, our team was able to find a solution for the client to deliver their software to their end-user. With limited collaboration, we were still able to meet all requirements and technical implementations.

Project Description

VentriLink is a provider of Internet of Things-enabled solutions for medical and industrial applications. The company has created a wearable wireless heart-monitoring device equipped with sensors that capture biological signals from patients. These signals are transmitted over cellular networks to clinicians, who can then access and manage patient data in a specialized remote heart-monitoring mobile app.

Challenges + Project Goals

Project Abstract

VentriLink has developed a medical IoT component (heart-monitoring sensor device) intended for in-hospital or in-home patient use. The device ensures round-the-clock heartbeat monitoring and transmission of signals to the server. In turn, the server application distributes the data among client applications used by cardiologists to keep important health indicators under continuous distant control. 

Our Mission

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired to build a remote heart-monitoring mobile application for medical workers. 

TATEEDA GLOBAL joined an already maxed-out team to quickly utilize their back-end APIs to present ECG data to healthcare providers utilizing iOS and Android tablets. 

The Project Goals 

  • Produce reliable iOS/Android app to present patient data to medical personnel
  • Allow compatibility of said product with major tablet models 
  • Build professional-grade UI for medical workers according to customer requirements
  • Make sure the app is highly responsive and user-friendly
  • Render full-cycle development process with server integration and software quality assurance services.
Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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We ultimately produced this very sophisticated healthcare mobile application in about 2.5 months, which was well within the requested timeline. Due to our great success developing the tablet application, we were asked to continue on and do work on their web app as well as some standalone testing.


Within hours, we were developing the baseline remote ECG monitoring application. After a few months of work, we produced a remote heart-monitoring app that was fully aligned with all customer requirements and industry compliance standards, and equipped with all customer-requested features.

TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered the following results:

  • Cross-platform remote heart-monitoring application for medical staff with professional UI
  • Efficient synchronization with server application
  • Code optimization and quality-assurance services
  • Helped customer to improve data formatting practice at the server end
  • Integrated cardiogram visualization solution with a set of user navigation tools
  • Well-optimized, adaptive user interface on different tablets
  • Successfully released project on GooglePlay and in the App Store

Features We Delivered

  • Synchronization with the server application allowing ECG data flow 
  • Patient ECG data profiling and visualization (cardiograms) 
  • Convenient, scalable view of patient cardiogram records
  • Automatic identification of unusual or abnormal heartbeat patterns (events) such as arrhythmia, tachycardia, etc.
  • Reporting of captured events to healthcare providers
  • Event notifications, history, and profiling features
  • Availability of manual event creation for physicians

Tech Stack & Resources

Front-end development

  • Kendo UI 
  • Cordova 
  • Canvas
  • Angular JS


  • Web API


  • Two Front-end Developers
  • Full-stack Developer
  • QA Engineers
  • Project Manager 


  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Scrum 

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  • Client obtained a fully-functional IoMT system to be offered to their customers
  • Patients and physicians obtained a reliable instrument for remote heart monitoring
  • Client reported successful in-hospital application of their IoMT system and returned to TATEEDA GLOBAL for additional project augmentation services (development of a desktop application for VentriLink).
Dave Churchville

Principal, Ventrilink

TATEEDA GLOBAL helped us get some key projects finished on time when our internal team was already at capacity. They gave us a way to do more without needing to add more staff or deal with more management overhead by handling the day to day details. If you’re looking for flexible and cost effective development resources that can work with your existing team, I’d highly recommend TATEEDA GLOBAL.

In Conclusion

Thanks to TATEEDA GLOBAL, VentriLink obtained an important system component, allowing them to complete their IoMT business project and promote their health tech offering to healthcare providers and medical organizations.

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