Monitoring system for equipment and remote assets


MarineSync engaged Tateeda to complement their in-house development team and increase resources for their evolving and complex IoT architecture. Tateeda quickly onboarded with the MarineSync development team and introduced strategies for implementing best practice and efficient database solutions. In addition, Tateeda provided direct solutions for managing and aggregating sensors data within their IoT application, while ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX.


Not only did we bring their web and mobile technology to current standards, we improved their performance and the usefulness of the application to their customers.

Marine Sync

In addition to near real time data and management, we were tasked to create a useful notification engine to allow them to notify customers in when devices required their attention.

Marine Sync
Marine Sync

Mobile app

Since many of MarineSync's clients are on the move while managing their assets, TATEEDA developed an innovative mobile application that lets the customer access their information exactly where and when they need it.
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Work for this customer utilized these technologies: Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS, Cordova, Web API, Azure SQL, Azure Cloud Services.