Why Choose Angular for Application Development?

7 Compelling Reasons to Use Angular Framework for Web Application Development

Angular is an open-source framework whose earliest iteration was released by Google in 2010 as Angular JS, based on JavaScript. In 2016, Google abandoned Angular JS and released Angular 2, written in TypeScript and used to build single-page client applications. Angular has evolved through multiple iterations, the most current being Angular 9, released in February 2020. Angular enables developers to import Typescript libraries into applications to implement core functionality. Angular embodies HTML as a script tag.

Angular-Based Websites

Angular is a holistic solution for creating the front end of an application without using additional frameworks or plugins. The framework is renowned for web applications with outstanding appearance, satisfying user experience and exceptional performance.

Angular is the framework of choice for a number of massive web platforms that rely on the software’s stable dependability. Netflix, YouTube, PayPal, Lego, JetBlue and The Weather Channel are just a few of many popular platforms developed and powered by Angular. Read Also: Best Android Frameworks for Development.

Advantages of Angular over Angular JS

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Advantages of Angular over Angular JS

The newest iteration of Angular has many distinct advantages over its early predecessor, Angular JS:

  • A superior component-based architecture and an improved algorithm for data binding make Angular applications up to 5X faster than AngularJS.
  • Angular applications are test-friendly, with independent self-sufficient components that can be reused.
  • Angular’s independent components are low maintenance and easy to scale or replace.
  • Angular applications are mobile-friendly.
  • Angular’s built in extensions simplify syncing of client and server side content, enhancing SEO.
  • Lazy loading capability enhances the loading speed of Angular applications by loading only necessary components.
  • TypeScript allows for cleaner code, improved navigation and enhanced product quality.

Why Choose Angular for Application Development?

In today’s mobile-first world, users have low tolerance for applications that underperform. Angular 9 provides a solid framework for building appealing and user-friendly applications that enhance the online image of any brand. 

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Here are 7 compelling reasons to choose Angular 9 for your application framework: 

  • Easy to learn: As a complete solution, new front end developers or those accustomed to using other frameworks may find Angular’s scope a bit intimidating. But the framework and its components are relatively easy to learn, and once mastered, novice web developers will have a comprehensive understanding of how front end development works.  
  • Angular’s command line interface (CLI ) makes it easy to create a software project from scratch, add services or features, or perform debug rebuilds. Angular’s CLI also creates a test for each component, with a standardized way to run it. Tests can be updated as needed.
  • Automatically imposed standards: Angular has its own set of standards that are automatically imposed on your project from the beginning. This feature helps you avoid critical mistakes throughout the development process, setting your project up for success.
  • TypeScript is Angular’s chosen programming language. An open-source language developed and maintained by Microsoft, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that offers the option of adding static typing to JavaScript code, enabling developers to catch errors early on and add newer features without compatibility issues.
  • Ivy is Angular’s brand new compiler and rendering engine. Ivy enables developers to compile components independently of each other. It shortens development time by eliminating the need to recompile an entire application, allowing developers to recompile only  modified components. 
  • Incremental DOM: Document Object Model (DOM) is an application programming interface (API) that defines the logical structure of documents and how they are accessed. Virtual DOM takes up large amounts of host memory, reducing mobile performance. Incremental DOM renders fast changes while using almost no memory, enhancing overall mobile performance. 
  • Tree-shaking capabilities: Angular Ivy looks at your code, identifies which libraries are needed and eliminates unused bits of code, reducing build time and bundle size. Incremental DOM is also tree-shakable, reducing bundle size by omitting unused instructions from the bundle.

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Angular over Angular JS

Drawbacks of Angular Framework

Despite its many advantages, Angular has a few minor drawbacks:

  • Larger build size: The larger an application’s size, the more space it takes up on a device, and the slower its loading speed. Angular apps are on the large size compared to other frameworks. Angular Ivy may help reduce your build size by 15-20%, but it will still be quite large.
  • Standardized features: Standardization can be a good or bad thing, depending on developer preferences. For those who like more autonomy in the development process, Angular’s automatically imposed standards may be a source of frustration. 

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