Tips for Recruiting and Hiring .Net Developers

With today’s high demand for custom software, finding skilled developers is a mounting challenge for businesses and software companies alike. An even greater challenge is finding competent .Net developers who understand the unique requirements of building .Net software, applications and interfaces using Microsoft’s .Net framework.

.Net developers are rare birds, and the demand for them is growing exponentially. Nevertheless, you can find and hire a .Net developer if you know where to look, and how to entice them to work on your project. 

What is .Net Development, and What Does a .Net Developer Do?

What is .Net Development

.Net development is an approach for building and running Windows apps and web services using Microsoft’s .Net framework. The .Net framework is a collection of APIs (application programming interfaces) and a library of compatible code that .Net developers can use in their projects, so they do not have to write new code from scratch when building software applications. The .Net library is called the Framework Class Library (FCL).

In addition to providing a framework of shared code, .NET also provides an application runtime environment called Common Language Runtime (CLR). When users open an application, its code is compiled into machine code at runtime in the CLR environment prior to execution.  

An experienced .Net developer is fully familiar with the Microsoft .Net framework and its CLR environment. Although the .Net framework was first introduced back in the 1990s, the vast majority of businesses rely on Microsoft products and web applications for their daily business operations, so the demand for developers with expertise in .Net technology remains high. 

Top .Net Developer Qualifications

List of Top .Net Developer Qualifications

At minimum, an ASP.NET developer should possess a thorough understanding of the .Net framework. They should have sufficient communication skills to translate and execute client requirements, have considerable .Net experience, be able to handle complex scenarios, and be familiar with database technologies like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL.

In addition, it is desirable for your .Net developer candidate to possess certain other skills and knowledge such as: 

  • Proficiency in C# programming language
  • Familiarity with other related technologies such as ADO.NET and Entity Framework 
  • Some familiarity with JavaScript and jQuery 
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS
  • Credentials like Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
  • Expertise in frontend technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and tools
  • Advanced database skills in Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Cosmos DB
  • A Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award is an added bonus!

Why It’s Hard to Find and Hire ASP .Net Developers

Hard to Find and Hire ASP .Net Developers?

Building software for the .Net framework requires specialized skills that only developers who understand .Net technologies possess. There are multiple reasons why it is difficult to find and hire .Net developers for your projects. 

  1. Failure of educational programs. Despite a growing number of higher education degree programs for IT specialists, schools are neglecting to train students to develop software on the .Net framework. Because .Net is often ignored or marginalized by IT training programs, students are graduating without ASP.Net developer skills that recruiters are looking for. Consequently, recruiters are forced to cast their nets across the greater IT talent pool to find and hire .Net developers with adequate knowledge and experience to build top-quality products.
  2. Cumbersome HR processes. Many companies have strict protocols for vetting potential job candidates that can take weeks or even months. But companies that take too long to review and hire .Net developer candidates are sure to miss out. ASP.Net developers are a hot ticket commodity, and companies with slow and cumbersome hiring protocols are unlikely to snag top candidates before they get snapped up by a competitor. 
  3. Unrealistic expectations. Employers are eager to hire .Net developers for their projects, but their recruiting materials often demand a vast array of additional skills and expertise . With .Net developers in such high demand, it is unrealistic to expect prime candidates to also have expertise and credentials in other technologies like Angular, big Data, IoT and a host of others. The best advice to employers is, hire now, train later. You can always embellish your candidate’s .Net developer skill set with professional development down the road. 

Steps for Hiring an ASP.Net Developer

Steps for Hiring an ASP.Net Developer
  1. Define your job requirements. If what you need most is a highly experienced ASP.Net developer, stick to the specific .Net developer skill set and don’t demand a lot of other credentials and skills that can be earned or learned later on if necessary. 
  2. Specify the terms of employment. Do you want a full-time staffer who will become a permanent part of your IT team? Or are you looking for a .Net developer to work on a single project for a flat fee? Or do you want to build an ongoing relationship with a freelancer and pay them by the project? 
  3. Establish your budget. No matter if you’re hiring for a one-time project or you’re looking for a long-term employee, keep in mind that .Net developers are scarce, and therefore able to command top dollar. The last thing you want is for your new hire to get poached by a competitor who is willing to outbid you. 
  4. Identify the best IT job recruitment platforms. There are hundreds of online job platforms, but not all of them cater to the IT community. Steer clear of platforms that cater to new college grads or junior developers – you want to find a .Net developer with several years of experience. 
  5. Verify your candidates’ skills. Don’t just take each applicant’s CV at face value. Ask for references and follow up on them. Request a portfolio or list of completed .Net projects and verify that the candidate worked on them. You can also find a software development agency that offers consulting services and ask them to vet your candidates for you. 
  6. Conduct multi-tiered job interviews. While you don’t want to draw out the interview process for too long, you do need to ensure that your .Net developer candidate is a good fit for your team, has an adequate .Net development skill set, and is legally eligible to work on your project. 

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Where to Find ASP .Net Developers for Hire

Find ASP .Net Developers for Hire

Knowing where to look is the secret to finding MicroSoft .Net development candidates with expertise and experience. To find and hire a dedicated .Net developer who understands the latest .Net technologies, you will have to extend your search beyond your normal recruitment channels. 

  • Start by researching forums and platforms that are popular among .Net developers, like Reddit C# forum, GitHub or Dream.In.Code. You may be able to connect directly with a qualified candidate on these channels and skip the middleman. 
  • Leverage IT job recruiting platforms like iCIMS, Hired, and Entelo where you can search for specific qualifications and review candidates’ profiles. In essence, you are directly approaching and courting qualified candidates, rather than waiting for them to respond to your posted ad. 
  • Consult with your current IT staffers to ask for candidate referrals, and to get the word out to the local IT community that you are looking to hire a .Net developer.. 
  • Contact local software development agencies who offer outsourcing and staff augmentation services. They often have extensive connections with both local and global IT communities, and they can locate and vet .Net developer candidates for you. 

Top .Net Development Services in San Diego

If your project needs a skilled and experienced .Net developer, contact TATEEDA, the premier San Diego web development company for building high-performing products on the ASP.Net framework. In addition to .Net development services, TATEEDA offers outsourcing services, consultation services, and .Net quality assurance testing. With a scarcity of qualified .Net developers and an escalating demand for their services, TATEEDA may be your best bet for finding and hiring a .Net developer for your project.


Which company is the best one for hiring .NET developers in San Diego?

Among all the development companies based in San Diego, the most experienced and cost-effective is TATEEDA GLOBAL. Here, you will be matched with a development team that can quickly assemble the layout of your application for any requirement.

What is the approximate cost of hiring .NET developers?

As always, it depends on many factors, but as a rule, the average cost is between $17 and $35 per hour.

How experienced are .net developers for hire in TATEEDA GLOBAL?

Our .net developers can help you with the development of any of your applications upon request. We will create a team of the optimal size with suitable developers for you, depending on the complexity of the project.

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