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Our top specialists are ready to join your team to provide custom software QA and testing services. We can help you organize and execute all quality assurance processes for a wide range of mobile apps, web solutions, and desktop products, including health tech, biotech, IoT, pharmaceutical, and staff management systems.

Our Services

Our Software Testing Services

TATEEDA GLOBAL is a software QA service vendor capable of filling your IT skill gaps. You won’t have to hire testers or engineers because we will cover everything for you! We offer a full-cycle QA approach to manual and automated software testing and quality assurance services for IT projects of all shapes and sizes. This includes quick staff augmentation with testing managers. Our experienced software test engineers possess deep mastery of all popular standardized testing procedures.

Mobile App Testing and QA

Our mobile software testing service strategy covers device and network infrastructure, optimized device selection (different types of smartphones and tablets), and a combination of manual and automated testing tools to perform both non-functional and functional testing. All our software testing services are geared toward launching your finished mobile application on time and within budget.

Web Application & Interface Testing

Web-based solution testing is a complex process that involves multiple elements and requires a professional approach. Our QA experts take into account your project specifics, such as interactive server mechanics, APIs, web servers (back-end), databases, user interface (front-end), and third-party components. Our testing services include Functional, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Usability, Performance, Security, Compatibility, Load, and Stress-testing.

Desktop Software Testing
and QA

With so many operating systems, platforms, languages, and environments to validate, we offer a wide range of services and QA strategies to test desktop applications. We use proven tools to ensure our testing is efficient and brings the highest business value to our clients. Our project portfolio includes software testing and QA services for desktop-based software systems for biotech, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies in the United States and abroad.

Healthcare Technology System Testing

TATEEDA GLOBAL is a highly competent QA services company. Our expertise is not limited to software testing only—we have a very successful history of building IT products for healthcare companies. Our full-cycle expertise in health-tech software development makes us the best choice for medical application quality assurance, including niche systems like hospital ERPs, EHR solutions, medical device management systems, LIMS, and more.

IT Staff Augmentation: QA Engineers and Testers

You can rapidly cover your IT team’s operational and skills gaps by hiring our qualified software QA specialists in the context of staff augmentation. Our software engineers, test managers, and other specialists are available to join your team in the shortest time possible. We’ll integrate with your current team organically and adhere to your managerial style, schedules, and requirements.

Flexible Set of Software Testing & QA Methodologies

We understand perfectly that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for efficient software quality assurance. TATEEDA GLOBAL crafts and organizes an individual quality assurance plan matching all of your project specifics, including cloud system testing, software usability testing, app performance testing, installation testing, configuration testing, requirement analysis, hybrid environment testing, and more. In addition, our software engineers offer tech services like immediate code refactoring, bug elimination, and risk mitigation efforts.


QA Solutions and Types of Testing We Provide

TATEEDA GLOBAL has IT specialists and capabilities to catch all defects and bugs, ensuring that your web, mobile, or desktop software product performs perfectly on/in any screen, device, environment, browser, or combination of factors.

Manual Software Testing

Our team professionally plans, performs, and documents manual testing of all UI components, application features, and functionalities. When required, we include data verification and other complementary methods. Manual testing works well in many situations, including smaller applications, functional and non-functional testing procedures, precise use-case documentation and analysis, app usability, and feature testing under flexible conditions and/or scenarios.

Automated Software Testing

Our team employs a diverse set of tools to automate tedious testing processes. This includes scripted scenarios for testing regression, integration, functionality, accessibility, user experience, and other software qualities. Automated testing allows you to release your apps quickly, without bugs. This is especially important for larger applications with complex logic. Thanks to our streamlined test automation methods, we accelerate QA processes, get accurate test results, and report issues to developers with sufficient coding details.

Software Performance Testing

Most of the time, performance testing and automated testing go hand in hand. Performance testing allows us to test different software parameters (like application stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness) under a considerable workload and in critical situations to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint processes required for optimization. Our software testing and QA company uses a suite of automated tools to conduct performance tests: stress, endurance, spike testing, and more.

Software Security Testing

Security is one of the greatest concerns for online/web applications. The TATEEDA GLOBAL team tests applications for numerous common security threats like SQL injections, denial of services (DDoS), man-in-the-middle attacks, brute force attacks, and cross-site scripting (XSS). Achievement of high-security standards depends on the architecture we provide our customers, including complex test routines to identify and handle risks, vulnerabilities, threats, and regulatory compliance (e.g., HIPAA compliance for healthcare applications.)

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ABOUT tateeda

Why Choose Tateeda for QA & Software Testing?

  • Led by a highly experienced CTO available for unlimited tech consulting and software QA augmentation services.

  • TATEEDA GLOBAL is a proud member of the Inc. 5000 List.

  • We are an onshore QA consulting company based in San Diego.

  • Thanks to our R&D offices and employees in different parts of the world, we maintain a productive multi-cultural and multi-language business environment. We use NO freelancers or subcontracting agencies!

  • We build and test software created with a wide range of technologies: Flutter, NativeScript, React, PHP, Darts, .NET, C#, and much more.

  • Convenient communication schedules and channels for clients in all major time zones, including Northern America and Western Europe.

  • 10+ years developing best software testing practices, giving us exceptional access to a unique pool of skills, projects, and talent.

  • Powerful resources for QA team augmentation. We provide senior test managers, automated QA engineers, and manual testers for a variety of operations and projects.

  • Powerful expertise in the health-tech industry. We have executed a huge number of software projects for biotech, healthcare, and pharma companies.

  • Our testers and QA consultants possess native or excellent speaking skills in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and several other languages.

  • We quickly deploy our QA methods and routines in the context of cloud environments: Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google platforms.

  • Fast setup. Start your project quickly, with our team ready in 48-72 hours.

Our Process

Building a QA Process For You: Step by Step

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    How to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Quality Assurance Process

    As an immediate component of Agile software development, software testing should be started as soon as development begins, often before a single line of code has been written. Ongoing testing guarantees the highest-quality product with minimal risk and a high level of confidence.

    Consult with our software testing and quality assurance experts for more information!


    What Our Customers Are Saying


    The Technology Stack We Use: QA

    Direct Testing:

    • Functional and non-functional testing
    • Web and mobile testing

    Automation testing:

    • Cypress + JS
    • Playwright + JS
    • Appium

    API Testing:

    • Postman
    • Rest-based architecture

    Test management:

    • TestRail
    • Jira
    • Trello
    • PractiTest

    Mobile testing:

    • Real devices (iOS, Android)
    • Emulators


    Frequently Asked Questions: Testing & QA Services

    Can your QA team test and confirm HIPAA compliance for our healthcare software products?

    As a U.S.-based QA testing company, TATEEDA GLOBAL treats Protected Health Information (PHI) very seriously. Our team has deep expertise in creating and testing health-tech systems. We can help you test and approve your medical software products for HIPAA compliance, including all relevant requirements for mobile, web, and desktop-based medical applications. For example, test patient-monitoring solutions with device integrations, laboratory device-management software systems, patient portal applications, and many other solutions.

    TATEEDA GLOBAL is a reliable software testing company in San Diego offering superior QA standards for various industries and niche solutions, including (but not limited to):

    • Biotech applications: scientific, laboratory, and chemical testing systems
    • Patient and physician access-portal mobile applications
    • Web-based applications and websites for a variety of purposes
    • Laboratory information-management systems (LIMS)
    • Remote patient-monitoring solutions (client-server device integration)
    • Medical and industrial IoT systems
    • Payment gateways and fintech solutions
    • Pharmaceutical inventory management systems
    • HR and staff time-management applications
    • ECG-tracking software systems
    • Clinical process management software (EHR, ERP)
    • Integrated/embedded device programming.

    We can either create a dedicated, managed team including all necessary roles and skills for full-cycle software testing and QA, or we can delegate selected specialists to augment your current team with additional resources. The latter option is the best for short-term and medium-term projects. Our team members are ready to integrate seamlessly with your current team to execute testing tasks on an hourly basis. Please contact us for more information!

    Despite the fact that we’re a software testing company based in San Diego, we readily work with clients from all over the world! Our team members belong to different cultures and speak different languages, yet they all possess highly proficient skills in English. At the same time, we do not use freelancers, and we will never delegate your tasks to subcontracting agencies. Thanks to our well-developed HR and recruitment processes, we have a powerful team that includes world-class testers and QA engineers who share the highest business ethics and values.

    We can shape a QA and testing team for you on demand. TATEEDA GLOBAL can select and delegate a group of software testing specialists from our existing talent pool, or hire new testing engineers matching your project scale and requirements. This won’t take long, as we maintain a highly professional HR department that can find and hire the right people within tight deadlines.