Trade Secrets for Hiring Angular JS Developers

Talented developers with specialized skills are in higher demand than ever before, and Angular JS developers are no exception. While React has given Angular a run for its money in recent years, the demand for Angular front-end developers is still going strong, with no end in sight. In fact, it can be a challenge to hire dedicated Angular developers for your project without knowing certain trade secrets. 

Where to Find Angular Developers for Hire

Where to Find Angular Developers for Hire

There is a broad range of online hiring platforms that feature IT specialists, from freelancers to those looking for long-term employment. Before hiring an Angular developer from any of these platforms, you should be able to answer the following questions:

What working relationship will you have with your Angular developer? 

  • full-time talent
  • short-term freelancer
  • local or offshore contractor
  • specialist from an IT augmentation service

What is the estimated time frame of your project?

The high demand for Angular web developers means they may have limited availability. Before looking to hire an Angular developer, you should have a fairly solid timeframe in mind.  

How much are you willing/able to pay for an Angular web developer?

Talented Angular web developers don’t come cheap. Expect to pay top dollar for a skilled and experienced developer. If you’re hiring on a shoestring, you may be forced to compromise cost over quality, but that can come back to bite you with higher costs in the long run. To work around a tight budget, many projects look to offshore outsourcing. 

What will be your terms of payment?

  • by the project
  • by the hour
  • full-time salary

Are you willing to look outside your timezone to hire an Angular developer?

The shortage of talented local Angular developers and the high cost of hiring them may force you to look to offshore solutions to locate Angular developers for hire. There are many companies that offer offshore development outsourcing services, taking the guesswork out of finding and hiring an Angular developer. 

Popular online platforms where you can find Angular developers for hire

Popular online platforms where you can find Angular developers for hire include: 

Angular Jobs. Angular offers a community job board that seeks to match Angular experts with employers or projects. Because of its narrow focus, it is one of the smaller platforms for hiring an AngularJS developer, which can be an advantage if you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

Toptal. This platform was initially designed specifically for freelance developers, but now extends its services to designers and financial experts. Nevertheless, Toptol remains the number one platform for anyone looking to hire a freelance Angular web developer. 

Hired. Tap into Hired’s extensive pipeline of Angular development experts to find the perfect match to join your team or project. Hired is a great place to find experienced AngularJS developers who are looking for their next great opportunity in your area.

GitHub Jobs. As one of the largest online IT communities, GitHub is a good bet for project managers seeking to hire an Angular developer. The platform’s open-source online repository draws some of the most talented programmers and developers, and you can list your job opening for a small fee, to hire an AngularJS developer from GitHubs expansive IT community. goes beyond posting job listings and candidate profiles, to talent management and replacement, while offering a full refund if their candidate does not work out for your project. With so much at stake, you can be sure that your candidate will be totally vetted by, greatly increasing your chances of finding a qualified and  dedicated Angular developer for your project.

In addition to perusing online platforms to hire an Angular JS developer, many software agencies provide staff augmentation and software development outsourcing services, to take the burden of finding and hiring an Angular developer off your shoulders. 

Skills to Look for in an Angular Web Developer

Angular web developers have specialized skills that make them a hot commodity. Prior to hiring your Angular developer, you should verify that they possess the skillset needed to build a high-quality product. 

Skills to Look for in an Angular Web Developer

Essential skills for an Angular JS developer include expertise in: 

  • Angular. This should be a no-brainer, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm that your candidate actually understands the Angular framework. Angular is known to have a steep learning curve. Each application built on the Angular framework requires specific forms, components, modules and services to provide full-featured functionality. The more experience a developer has working with Angular, the better, so be sure to ask for a portfolio of successful projects. 
  • HTML and CSS. Angular provides a basic framework for building your applications, but Angular developers still need to understand the fundamentals of HTML and CSS coding languages to be able to render them in a browser.  
  • Angular CLI. While you can build an Angular application without the Angular Command Line Interface (CLI), your workflow will sail more smoothly if your Angular developer knows how to use it. Angular CLI is a developer tool that helps you automate your project’s workflow, allowing for a faster and easier development process. Angular CLI also allows you to add features to an already existing Angular product.
  • NPM. Node Package Manager (NPM) is the primary tool used by Angular developers to install a multitude of client-side development packages, including Angular. Your developer’s NPM skills are essential for installing non-Angular packages in your application. 
  • RxJS. This reactive programming library is bundled with the Angular framework for performing a number of common tasks, such as data retrieval from HTTP requests. RxJS provides Angular products with a consistent API for asynchronous task performance. If your potential candidate doesn’t know what it is or what it’s for, keep looking.
  • TypeScript. JavaScript is a subset of TypeScript, and Angular is written in TypeScript, the preferred language for Angular applications, so knowledge or TypeScript is essential for any Angular developer you hire. With TypeScript you can expect fewer bugs and you will be better able to easily refactor your code. 
  • GIT. The GIT repository lets you experiment with features and coding approaches, while allowing you to return to your original working code. GiT lets you safely try out new features without fear of losing or corrupting your product. If you want a high-functioning application with cool features, make sure your developer knows how to tap into the GIT repository.
  • Compatibility. No matter how extensive a candidate’s hard skillset is, at the end of the day every successful project is a team effort. A CV packed with impressive hard skills is not enough to ensure a smooth workflow. Your chosen candidate should be compatible with both your project and your team. Choose wisely, and you will be ready to build a high-performing product with minimal glitches, disruptions or slowdowns. 

Find the Best Angular Developers for Hire with TATEEDA

Finding and hiring an Angular developer for your project can be time consuming and costly. You can take the guesswork out of hiring with software development outsourcing and staff augmentation services by TATEEDA. As experts in software development, we have extensive connections throughout the domestic and global IT communities. Our specialists know the trade secrets for where to look and what to look for, to help you find the best Angular web developer for your project. Contact TATEEDA today, and get your project underway with the best talent the world has to offer.

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