Hospital Management Software Development Services

TATEEDA GLOBAL is a custom hospital management software development company, which helps you automate and streamline your healthcare operations, clinical processes, inventory workflows, and patient record-management in a way that precisely suits your requirements.


Hospital Management Software (HMS) Functionalities We Design and Deliver

Our hospital management software development company can help you deploy a new bespoke HMS product and implement new features to your existing platform. These functionalities can be developed with the help of mixed technology: a custom hybrid solution with cloud, IoT, DevOps, and/or web-based/mobile platforms according to your exact situation and objectives.

Bed Management

With this custom functionality, hospital administrators can:

  • Plan and track the availability of vacant beds in their medical facilities
  • Ensure that they possess sufficient bed reserves for successful inpatient care
  • Prepare their hospitals to operate under stressful conditions of seasonal disease outbreaks and other expected or unexpected situations
  • Make reports and projections on bed occupation while executing all associated asset-planning and acquisitions.

General Hospital Administration

HIMS (Hospital Information Management Software) can help chief medical officers and hospital administrative staff with the following:

  • Gain a helicopter view over all hospital processes and assets
  • Build consolidated reports on medical inventory stocks
  • Plan and track hospital resources, including utilities, waste, laundry, and meals
  • Manage clinical data and monitor hospital performance metrics
  • Schedule oversight of healthcare specialists, hospital premises, operating rooms, and medical equipment
  • Establish secure data exchange across hospital departments and external healthcare organizations like insurance companies
  • Manage regulatory compliance as demanded by local and national law.

Pharmaceutical Supply Management

Our hospital management software developers are ready to help you build exciting features and capabilities into your system:

  • Control stock levels and turnover of medications, supplies, and instruments in hospital storage
  • Refill hospital pharma product stock automatically with electronic medical supply orders and auto-generated invoices sent directly to pharmaceutical suppliers according to bespoke protocols
  • Restock essential medical supplies on time; plan pharmacy inventory and stocks over a prolonged period to ensure stable supply for your hospital
  • Manage patient insurance claims and collaborate with an array of healthcare stakeholders on processing
  • Integrate with automated dispensation and other hi-tech tools used in hospitals
  • Avoid dangerous medication shortages and costly overstocking with the help of smart notifications and alerts sent to hospital pharmacists and other department managers

Pathology Lab Management

Hospital laboratory and pathology research departments require high-end software solutions like LIMS to:

  • Transform in-hospital pathology research workflows from analog/paper-based to predominantly digital workflows
  • Empower pathologists in the management of patient pathology tests and other files (e.g., radiology and histopathology slides) within hospital workflows
  • Manage and exchange pathology-related files across the hospital departments and provide access to authorized external users
  • Offer downloadable and printable electronic copies of diagnostic readings for patients and family members.

Patient Profile Management

Patient CRM/hospital patient relationship-management systems help you achieve a wide spectrum of objectives:

  • Maintain accurate patient status records
  • Design individualized patient treatment plans
  • Analyze, store, and access medical test results
  • Track patient feedback and healthcare experience
  • Measure patient satisfaction and rehabilitation efficiency rate
  • Manage patient admissions, readmissions, and discharges
  • Integrate and synchronize with EHR/EMR software.

Medical Staff Management

HR management in hospitals is a series of tedious activities that can be automated via:

  • Electronic records for physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other personnel
  • Computer-aided medical staff recruitment and payroll processes
  • Medical staff scheduling capabilities integrated with web portals, hospital mobile apps, and other systems, connecting staff members with each other
  • Work hour calculators, shift schedulers, and notifications for hospital staff
  • Information management for vacations, days off, and sick/maternity leaves
  • Custom-designed automated human resource reports providing insights into hospital staff department heads and activities
  • Performance assessment of medical specialists and administrative employees
  • Billing, invoicing, and other payroll functionalities as established in specific healthcare facilities.

Outpatient Department Management

This hospital management module can include a wide range of remote monitoring and telehealth applications and components:

  • Telemedicine solutions with cloud computing and innovative AR/VR features provided by special third-party platforms through APIs
  • Integrations with IoT-powered medical devices installed in patient homes
  • Wearables and a variety of pro-grade or consumer-grade mobile devices such as connected thermometers, adhesive biosensors, and more
  • Video surveillance solutions for supervising seniors and alternatively-abled people at home
  • Automated medical emergency signalizations and SOS buttons in smartphones, watches, and mobile applications.

Hospital Data Visualization

Smart clinical activity management requires a lot of data analysis. We can help you develop data visualization and data-mining functionality for HMS:

  • Benefit from all types of medical data visualizations, including pie charts, Gantt charts, bubble charts, bar charts, and many more
  • Visual reporting tools integrated with hospital ERP or CRM systems for data views consolidated from a wide range of resources according to the patient’s custom algorithm and plan
  • Task-management visualizations, including task trees, nested task hierarchies, electronic calendars, and more
  • Exportable, downloadable, auto-generated reports, tables, and datasheets for a variety of medical specialists.

The Custom Hospital Management System Development Solutions and Technological Services We Build

As an experienced clinic-management software development company, TATEEDA GLOBAL offers profound tech expertise and skilled IT specialists. With our HIPAA-compliant practices in DevOps, web, mobile, and desktop development, we can help you implement hospital management solutions and other HMS-related projects of extensive complexity and scale.

Hospital Information Software (HIS)

We can assist you in developing and testing a hospital information-management system that can include different tech elements:

  • Efficient client-server and cloud-based communications for clinical systems
  • Well-engineered and optimized hospital management databases compliant with HIPAA requirements and security standards
  • Interoperable sub-systems and modules that allow physicians and hospital administrators to accumulate clinical workflow data from many points
  • Mobile and web-based HMS dashboards that provide authorized hospital personnel with shared information and valuable data insights
  • Custom applications for different roles in hospital administration staff, including pharmacists, officers, technicians, therapists, and more.

Clinical Practice Management Software

Our hospital management software development services include developing and testing different features for task-based systems in hospitals and medical settings:

  • Convenient electronic forms and dashboards for capturing patient health data/demographics and assigning responsibilities to medical specialists
  • Different tools for planning, communicating, and tracking hospital staff’s professional activities and tasks (calendars, shift rosters, and more)
  • Integrations between medical appointment-scheduling applications and patient portals
  • Task-planning functionalities and automated events for emergency care and other medical practice situations when manual entry must be minimized
  • Patient pre-registration with insurance eligibility and benefits verification
  • Maintaining different medical procedure checklists and protocols that can be accessed and used by hospital personnel via a variety of devices

Hospital Case-management Software

Our hospital-management system development services include creating and maintaining profile-based systems for patient records and case management in hospitals:

  • Enable physicians and admins to store data about patients and diagnosed diseases/conditions through custom interface registry
  • Manage patient care coordination in different contexts: symptom scale, the performance of medical specialists, treatment plan efficiency, and more
  • Record and manage hospital admissions, discharges, and readmissions
  • Manage patient questionnaires, feedback, insurance, and payments.

Hospital CRM Platforms

Our hospital software developers are ready to offer their skills for making your medical CRM more efficient and profitable owing to additional functionalities:

  • Develop or modify operational, analytical, and collaborative CRM modules for healthcare practices
  • Track patient experience and manage revenue cycles with custom features
  • Control patient satisfaction and other important metrics in your specific hospital workflows
  • Design and manage healthcare bonus programs and special offers for patients in accordance with your business strategy.

Integrated Hospital Information Systems

Hospitals are complicated organizations employing multiple software components that require professional assistance for successful integration and data exchange:

  • Medical software interoperability, technology audits, and cross-system implementation management
  • Multiple integrations with third-party applications and solutions such as e-payments, billings, cash flow, claims, insurance, and more
  • Digital technologies to implement complex solutions and automate, optimize, and manage workflows in hospitals and medical centers.


Our Healthcare IT Case Studies


TATEEDA GLOBAL helped AYA Healthсare build a comprehensive travel nurse management system that included web-based and mobile components like automated financial reporting and time tracking, mobile apps for medical workers, and a clinical portal for medical system representatives.

Mobile Development Web Development Medical Staff Management Medical Staff Portal Legacy System Re-engineering Project Reinforcement

TATEEDA GLOBAL has a wonderful team. They are knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and are committed to high-quality results. They provide efficient solutions, so we are able to continuously grow our business in great ways.

Anna King

Director of Product Development, Aya, San Diego, California, US

View Full Case

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by Visiontree, the leading modular, cloud-based, patient-centered outcomes application for specialty patient care, engagement, and research. It provides auto-rendering forms (case-reporting forms or CRFs) to U.S. medical organizations.

Web Form Development Electronic Data Capture in Healthcare Project Reinforcement QA Software Maintenance Services

When it comes to modern, web-based technologies, our team is highly experienced and skilled. TATEEDA GLOBAL was readily available to offer our services to the client. Begun as a one-time project, the collaboration has now evolved into a perpetual partnership with one of the most sophisticated healthcare data-management platforms worldwide.

Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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TATEEDA GLOBAL produced a sophisticated wireless remote heart monitoring system that presents ECG data to health care providers via iOS and Android tablets for arrhythmia detection.

Mobile Development Web Development QA Telehealth Remote Patient-monitoring Solution Remote Heart Monitoring

TATEEDA GLOBAL helped us get some key projects finished on time when our internal team was already at capacity. They gave us a way to do more without needing to add more staff or deal with more management overhead by handling the day to day details. If you’re looking for flexible and cost effective development resources that can work with your existing team, I’d highly recommend TATEEDA GLOBAL.

Dave Churchville

Principal, Ventrilink

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TATEEDA GLOBAL developed an iOS/Android mobile application for La Maestra Community Health Centers patients, allowing them to conveniently find nearby medical centers, view available services and contact details, and check community news.

Patient Portal Mobile App Development Web App Development

That was the first application developed for the client. They had an idea of what they want to see but needed guidance on how to do that. Our team was able not just to deliver the application but also to flash out gaps in the processes and help the client to achieve desired functionality with the minimum effort.

Slava Khristich


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Pharma Business Automation Web Platform Development

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by the client, a Canadian pharmaceutical business, to design and build a web-based application/system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs for the client’s partners within the U.S. and achieve higher efficiency within their own staff in Canada.

Web Application Development Pharma Business Automation Pharmacy Inventory Management Prescription Management

We have had a great experience working with the client. It is collaborative cooperation where both sites are in constant communication. The client would let us take care of the technical side and we would implement business logic directed by them. In many cases, we also helped to refine some workflow based on our deep knowledge and technical expertise…

Slava Khristich


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Laboratory Test Machine Software Development

TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered a software solution for a famous brand laboratory to support robotic systems and automate specific lab protocols with highly streamlined performance.

Desktop Software Development Medical Laboratory Testing Device LIMS Lab Automation Project Reinforcement

Hardware integration is not an easy task, especially when you developing software remotely. Both teams were able to successfully work on the project because of constant open communication with great support from the local development team, who were able to install updates and report any found issues in very detailed forms.

Slava Khristich


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Collaboration Models

Our Collaboration Models: Flexibility is the Key to Success

Our custom hospital management software development company offers many standard forms of collaboration, allowing you to easily choose the best option for you. We can support and augment your projects in many ways, and if no original model works for you, we can negotiate tailored environments to perfectly suit your exact business expectations and needs.


Dedicated Services

Hire our dedicated team for your hospital software development project. Benefit from skilled, impeccably trained IT talent focused exclusively on your business tasks and objectives over the long term. TATEEDA GLOBAL offers a wide spectrum of full-cycle software production, user interface design, DevOps, project management, quality assurance, and other high-tech services.


Outstaffing in Hospital IT Teams

Reinforce your hospital IT or health-tech startup team with selected professionals without paying social benefits or administrative overhead. We will provide you with a custom-configured team of experienced software developers and testers who have gone through a strict recruitment process and possess advanced soft skills that facilitate integration into your existing project team or department.


IT Consulting for Medical Companies

When you’re not sure about an exact configuration of up-to-date technologies for your HIS, or if you are seeking a better combination of the same, our skilled medical software architects offer their expertise to cover it for you. This includes hourly consulting services, project-focused system engineering, and auditing of healthcare software.


Maintenance of HIS/HIMS

We can help you support and maintain existing or legacy hospital systems involving web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Hire our software specialists to inspect your HIMS, improve existing solutions by adding new functionalities, and facilitate your in-hospital IT environments.


Technologies We Use

The development of hospital information-management applications requires a mixed set of computer technology domains, including web-based, mobile, cloud, and desktop platforms, languages, and frameworks.

Mobile Hospital Application Development:


Desktop and Back-end Hospital Systems:


Hospital Web Interface Development:


Cloud Dev for Hospital Solutions:



Regulatory & Tech Compliance Policies We Ensure for Your Hospital Software



User data-protection requirements applicable to hospital solutions for users in the E.U., the United Kingdom, and other affiliated territories.



The main regulation for secure PHI management within hospital software in the United States.


EPSC Certification

Required for electronic drug prescription applications.


FDA Policies

The FDA oversees and regulates professional-grade software devices. This can also apply to hospital device applications.



The Canadian equivalent of HIPAA; covers data-management requirements for hospital systems.



The standard for secure financial transactions in healthcare.



A central regulation that gives consumers greater control over their information in California.



The international standards for clinical and administrative data interoperability in hospital IT solutions.


How to Partner with Us: Collaboration Process Step-by-step

  • 01

    Initial Contact and Free Consultation

    Contact our skilled IT engineers for a free consultation regarding your HIS/HIMS development project. Tell us more about your objectives and requirements, and we’ll develop efficient technology solutions based upon our expertise and your business specifics.

  • 02

    High-level Project Estimate

    Once your requirements have been identified and documented, we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your hospital data-management application project. With this high-level plan, you can take your time deciding on further collaboration and details, or come back for revisions.

  • 03

    HIMS/HMS Development Project Agreement

    If you decide to opt for TATEEDA GLOBAL, we’ll work together to draft an elaborated project plan incorporating a non-disclosure agreement and other important custom conditions that suit your business landscape. Next, we’ll sign a legally binding agreement and prepare to deploy our resources.

  • 04

    Deployment of Our Team

    Our managed software development team of selected specialists rapidly deploys on your project within 24-48 hours.


Why TATEEDA GLOBAL is the Best Choice for Hospital-management Software Development

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    We are a reliable onshore medical software development company based in the United States.

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    We provide multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions for your complex hospital systems employing Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google cloud platforms.

  • icon

    No freelancers! All of our HIMS developers in San Diego and other R&D offices are our employees, and all have gone through a strict talent selection and recruitment process.

  • icon

    Unlimited access to dedicated PMs and HIMS/HIS developers managed under conditions of your individualized team augmentation plan.

  • icon

    Masters of Agile: TATEEDA GLOBAL always stays on schedule, scaling resources when necessary.

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    We offer unlimited consulting services to our clients in North American time zones.

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    Integrated services with hospital device infrastructure such as IoT-managed medical equipment and biotech lab tools.

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    Intelligent cost management with a mix of local and remote talent.

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    Fast setup. Start your project quickly, with our team ready in 48-72 hours.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How should I choose a hospital management software development company?

    There is really no other way than to consider a company’s experience, previous and existing projects, customer comments/feedback, and specialist skill sets. It’s better to conduct several personal or teleconference meetings with managers and executives to examine their soft skills and business attitudes, as their technological services must come with good organizational capabilities.

    With TATEEDA GLOBAL, you can benefit both from superb tech expertise and direct connection with our team, project managers, and company executives. We are open to all types of personalized calls, visits, and sessions, and are ready to discuss and swiftly react to any of your ideas, concerns, and/or suggestions.

    Yes. Our headquarters are located in this city, so we welcome San Diego businesses and residents, including companies seeking custom HMS development services in the San Diego region and nearby areas. At the same time, our services are not limited to this area or even the State of California. We have many clients from other wonderful places across the United States, and from other countries and continents, too. Wherever you are, feel free to contact TATEEDA GLOBAL for custom hospital software solution development, consulting, outstaffing, and other services.

    Yes, of course. We can offer a small team to cover your exact talent and skill gaps, or provide you with a full-cycle software development team to service your hospital software projects in an end-to-end manner, including mobile applications, web-based interfaces, DevOps maintenance, and more.

    Absolutely. We can seamlessly integrate our resources into your existing project team according to your inner collaboration routines: channels of project communication and reporting, task-management software practices, meet-up sessions schedules, and all formats accepted by your organization.

    Second, for even greater transparency, we provide you with authorized access to our proprietary operation management system (BeOnBoard), where you can track all work hours, team/project costs, and more. Everything is negotiable and can be adjusted to your requirements. Contact TATEEDA GLOBAL for more details.

    We work with many interoperable technologies, including mobile, cloud, desktop, and more. This includes technologies like the .NET domain tools for desktop medical software development and web interface design and programming, Angular and Flutter for mobile app development in healthcare, and much more. Specific tech configuration is identified not by only our own preferences, but by your specific requirements and objectives.

    All of our healthcare specialists are senior-level developers. Our CTO (and chief software architect) is a seasoned top-tier software expert and consultant with years of experience in the American healthcare industry. We have worked on dozens of different projects for the U.S.-based clients, including medical IoT, staff management, and biotech solutions.