Hire Dedicated .NET Developers

Hire .NET developers from TATEEDA GLOBAL, a San Diego-based company. Our talents are skilled and ready for all types of .NET business software development, engineering, and quality assurance, including web, cloud, IoT, mobile, and desktop solutions and applications for healthcare, biotech, and other industries.


Services Our .NET Developers Provide

Our Microsoft .NET programmers and architects offer vast experience coupled with agile development strategies to make sure your project is accomplished in a professional and timely manner. We can help you with .NET full-cycle development or project augmentation as well as tech consulting.

Web App .Net Development

TATEEDA GLOBAL can help you leverage the whole set of .NET tools to design, deliver, and test lightweight, stable, scalable web-based applications for medical, health-tech, scientific, or business purposes.

.NET Mobile App Development

Our team is skilled at building Android and iOS apps with .NET and C#. We can assist you in building complex, enterprise-scale applications for mobile systems of all types, including smartphones and tablets.

Cross-platform App Development

Our .NET developers have an extensive toolbox of APIs for creating hybrid solutions for multiple platforms and systems. If you need an application that can run across a range of environments, find .NET programmers for hire at TATEEDA GLOBAL!

.NET Desktop App Development

Our Microsoft .NET developers have considerable expertise in designing and developing desktop applications for various platforms, including automated devices and IoT systems for biotech and healthcare.

.NET Cloud App Development

Cloud technologies can be efficiently coupled with .NET applications for faster, more secure data operations. Our software architects can help you design a cost-efficient multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solutions.

.NET SaaS Application Development

Software as a service allows you to provide users with subscriptions and online updates for your cloud-based business applications. .NET has great potential for building SaaS platforms in the cloud. Hire TATEEDA GLOBAL to do the job for you!

CRM System Development

.NET offers great opportunities for building a platform to bring your marketing, sales, customer service, and support departments together within one system.

ERM System Development

The .NET domain provides developers with an immense set of tools to build enterprise-scale operational systems. Hire .NET programmers from TATEEDA GLOBAL to assist you with the engineering and development of large ERM systems with multiple technologies.

.NET Project Team Augmentation

Sometimes, it’s more affordable to hire .NET developers from TATEEDA GLOBAL to reinforce your software project, quickly add resources, or scale your organization up at moderate cost, than to hire in-house employees.

.NET Project Migration and Maintenance

TATEEDA GLOBAL’s professionals are happy to deliver. We offer app redesign, smooth transformation, migration, and code auditing plus upgrades to achieve better functionality and performance of reconditioned .NET apps.

Industries our .NET Developers Can Be Hired For

There are no strict limitations on the spectrum of industries and businesses we serve. We would be glad to work with your .NET project in healthcare, logistics, enterprise management, biotech, and more.

Business & Enterprise

Microsoft .NET provides a great set of functionalities and tools for building complex, multi-user, multi-platform systems for a wide range of business organizations and purposes. TATEEDA GLOBAL is ready to provide you with a complete team of .NET resources and talent for on-demand enterprise/ERM/CRM solution development, including inventory, taxes, accounting, HR management, and more.

Medical & Healthcare

TATEEDA GLOBAL is among the top custom developers of .NET applications for healthcare, including medical staff management systems and medical IoT solutions. Contact us if you need full-cycle medical or health-tech .NET app development, software testing, and/or team augmentation!

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

TATEEDA GLOBAL has deep expertise in software/hardware integrations for laboratories, pharmacies, and biotech startups and companies. If you are interested in custom software development for biotech, pharma business systems, or laboratory/scientific devices, contact us and hire our .NET specialists!


Modern logistics and supply chains fuel the global economy. With flexible, scalable .NET development practices, it’s possible to engineer a versatile logistics management platform for industrial and trade navigation, mapping, routing, communications, and warehousing in any industry or segment.


Our .NET Development Portfolio

Pharma Distribution Company [NDA]

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by the client to design and build a web-based application/system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs. Company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.

Web Development Pharma Business Automation Prescription Management Pharmacy Inventory Management
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AYA Healthcare

TATEEDA GLOBAL helped AYA Healthсare build a comprehensive travel nurse management system that included web-based and mobile components like automated financial reporting and time tracking, mobile apps for medical workers, and a clinical portal for medical system representatives.

Mobile Development Web Development Medical Staff Management Medical Staff Portal Legacy System Re-engineering Project Reinforcement
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SCRx Pharmacy

TATEEDA GLOBAL was involved as a project reinforcement partner to help SCRx Pharmacy with back-end development, cloud integration, third-party API integration, QA, and many other key business processes optimizations and improvements.

Online Medication Fulfillment OCR Integration Pharmacy Claim-management System Pharmacy Claims Automation Optical Character Recognition
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Laboratory Device Integration [NDA]

TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered a software solution for a famous brand laboratory to support robotic systems and automate specific lab protocols with highly streamlined performance. Company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.

Desktop Development Medical Laboratory Testing Device Lab Automation QA Project Reinforcement
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La Maestra Health Centers

TATEEDA GLOBAL developed an iOS/Android mobile application for La Maestra Community Health Centers patients, allowing them to conveniently find nearby medical centers, view available services and contact details, and check community news.

Patient Portal Mobile Development Web Development
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Our .NET Development Technologies & Platforms

TATEEDA GLOBAL’s team uses a wide spectrum of .NET technologies coupled with other instruments and APIs compatible with .NET domain tools. This allows us to design and assemble secure, scalable, multi-module/multi-layer systems including cloud, web, AI, VR, machine learning, Big Data analytics, blockchain, and additional third-party platforms and services.


  • Onshore development with HQ in San Diego, California. A locally-based dedicated PM takes care of team communication for your .NET project.

  • No freelancers. All our .NET experts and engineers are our employees, and have gone through a rigorous recruitment process.

  • .NET full-stack team: project management, UI/UX, front-end & back-end devs, dev ops, and QA.

  • Compliance with critical standards for software development.

  • Masters of Agile: we always stay on schedule, scaling resources when required.

  • Advanced cloud development practices: Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google.

  • Integrated .NET solutions for desktop, mobile, and IoT devices.

  • Intelligent cost management with a combination of local and remote .NET talent.

  • Fast setup. Start your project quickly with our team ready in 48-72 hours.


How to Hire .NET Developers with TATEEDA GLOBAL

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    Hiring .NET developers is a great way to save time and money instead of adding permanent staff, which comes at a high cost. By hiring dedicated .NET programmers from TATEEDA GLOBAL, you can quickly scale up your team, skip HR processes (we have already done the recruitment for you), and save a fortune on social benefits and other administrative expenditures specific to traditional employment of in-house IT specialists. Moreover, there will be no administrative overhead or liabilities when you decide to scale your team down and/or remove excessive resources from your project.

    Definitely! .NET is widely used for mobile application development. You can hire our dedicated .NET developers and tap into the endless opportunities granted by .NET technology for mobile, including the Xamarin framework. Our dedicated team has spectacular experience building mobile apps for a variety of industries, including medical staff management and patient portals. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your project today!

    We adhere to strict methods that ensure intelligent cost management for your on-demand .NET development project. Whether you opt for full-cycle development or staff augmentation model, we will provide you with the best rates on the market. The exact price of your project depends on many factors. Contact us for a free consultation and precise project estimate!

    Hire our remote .NET developers in a model that is simultaneously long-term (works as long as you need our help) and on an hourly basis (you pay only for the hours our specialists worked on your tasks.) We can discuss your project requirements and ideas to offer you the best fit. Contact us for details!

    Yes. You can combine both approaches when hiring .NET developers with TATEEDA GLOBAL. Sign a long-term contract with us, access a mixed team of IT professionals, or pay on an hourly basis for our services according to your project needs. Contact us to learn more!

    We have an exceptionally smart, rigorous process for finding .NET developers: We make sure that each programmer we employ is a highly qualified, senior-level, responsible expert with well-developed soft skills. All our .NET specialists for hire can successfully integrate with your current team without a long adaptation or onboarding period.