Hiring React JS Developers for Your Team or Project

When you’re ready to build custom software for your business, you want everything to run smoothly from planning to launch. Hiring the right developers is fundamental to building a high-quality product that meets all your requirements and performs flawlessly. If you plan to hire React developers, you should know where to look, what to look for, and how to onboard your chosen React web developer.  

Responsibilities of React Web Developers

Prior to seeking out React JS developers for hire, you should have an idea of what they do, and which skills the ideal candidate should possess to effectively build your software product. Armed with this information, you will be able to conduct informed interviews, to find the best React web developer for your project. 

React JS Developer Hard Skills

React JS Developer Hard Skills
  • JavaScript. Your chosen candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of the Javascript programming language, with a proven track record of successful JS projects in their portfolio. 
  • Operating Systems. A skilled React web developer will have experience with both iOS and Android operating systems, with a solid understanding of the nuances that differentiate them. 
  • React Core Concepts. Your chosen React JS developer you hire should have a solid grasp of basic React concepts, including JSX, class and function components, props, state, lifecycle methods, and hooks. Those concepts should be integral to the programming approach of the React JS developer you hire. 
  • Testing Tools. Quiz your prospective candidate on their familiarity with testing tools that are essential for detecting and eliminating flaws and bugs in your product, both during and at the end of the software development lifecycle. Listen for names like React Native Testing Library, App Center, Redux, ESLint and Sentry. 
  • Style. Your React JS candidate should be able to describe their approach to programming style for clarity, consistency and readability. Ask which resources they use, such as Google JS Style Guide. 
  • Optimization. Before you hire your React developer, make sure they know how to optimize your product’s performance prior to release. Optimization goes beyond coding – it requires a grasp of the product’s purpose, its end-users, and the specific client requirements. Optimization may entail finding solutions for improvement and implementing them in the source code. 

React Software Developer Soft Skills

React Software Developer Soft Skills
  • Communication. Miscommunication is often the underlying culprit for costly mistakes that delay your project and disrupt smooth workflow. Look for good written and verbal communication skills in your candidate, and make it clear that regular communications is a key job requirement. 
  • Receptiveness. A true professional knows how to accept constructive feedback without feeling threatened or insulted. Constructive criticism helps your team to grow professionally, and guarantees better project outcomes.
  • Teamwork. Software development is a team effort, and you want to hire a React JS developer who is willing to share and distribute the workload with colleagues. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Critical thinking. Problems arise with every project, and most of them cannot be found in a handbook. A React web developer needs good critical thinking skills to come up with creative and effective solutions to resolve critical issues. 
  • Experience. When considering the cost per hour to hire a React JS developer, it is important to weigh your React developer’s hourly rate against the candidate’s experience. A novice developer may be willing to work for a low hourly fee, but they can make critical errors that slow your project down and undermine the quality of your end product, costing you more money in the long run. 

Finding and Hiring React Developers

Finding and Hiring React Developers

Once you have a clear idea of which skills your React web developer should possess, it’s time to conduct a search to find and hire a React developer who fits in perfectly with your team and your project. Knowing where to look is key, but finding the right candidate won’t necessarily be easy. 

There are dozens of platforms that host a plethora of React developers for hire, but not all of them will have the desirable skill set, knowledge and experience you are looking for in a React JS developer. 

You can begin your search by exploring these top 5 platforms for hiring React JS developers: 

  • Toptal. The Toptal platform tops the list for good reason. They promise to deliver React web developers from the top 3 percent in the industry. According to the Toptal website, you can hire a React JS developer on their platform in as little as 48 hours.
  • X-Team. With an impressive portfolio of successful projects for A-list companies, X-Team can put together a team of top developers for your project, but don’t expect it to come cheap. If money is no object and you want to hire vetted React developers with experience, X-Team is a good place to begin your search. 
  • Extract. This UK company does the heavy lifting for you by using industry metrics to find the best software companies and digital agencies, based on reputation, technology and experience, along with customer reviews. If you want to turn your project over to a software development firm, Extract can help you find the best in your region. 
  • Stack Overflow. This platform was originally created to help  programmers find solutions to technical problems in a Q/A format. Today, Stack Overflow provides talent recruitment services for companies looking for developers. Its 40 million monthly visitors make Stack Overflow a likely place to find React JS talent, but you might have some competition.
  • If you’re out to make the perfect catch, you might find it in‘s extensive talent pool of over 10,000 developers. The platform is designed to match your project with the best developers to get the job done, saving you from sorting through scores of candidates who don’t quite fit the bill. You’ll find‘s slick website easy to navigate, and its sexy design makes it a pleasure to use. 

The React JS Hiring Process

Locating the ideal React web developer for your project is just the tip of the iceberg. React JS developers are in high demand, and a React developer’s hourly rate can be steep. 

The React JS Hiring Process

In addition to agreeing to your React developer’s cost per hour, you need sort out the following issues: 

  • Availability. Your chances of finding the perfect candidate with the exact skills you need for your project are fairly good, but finding one who is available to work within your timeframe can be a challenge. Before you start interviewing candidates, make sure you have a solid start date and a fairly accurate projected completion window.
  • Time Zone. Some of the world’s best React JS developers can be found on the other side of the planet, often at a bargain cost per hour. But working across time zones can be a challenge if your team is split between continents. Before hiring a React JS developer from distant lands, be sure your team is willing to endure the inconvenience of working into the wee hours. 
  • Communications. Technology has made communication easy, but when it comes to critical projects, clear and accurate communication is vital. Consider whether you are willing to work around language barriers that can potentially lead to misunderstandings that impact your project.
  • Terms of compensation. You should go into the job recruitment process with your eyes wide open, and that means having a defined budget that allocates a specific amount for developer fees. Knowing what you can afford to pay can help you narrow down your pool of candidates so you don’t waste time interviewing those who are out of your price range. You should also know ahead of time if you want to pay by the project or by the hour, and look for candidates who are willing to agree to your terms. 
  • Contingencies. It is always a good idea to have a contingency strategy in place, in the event that your React JS developer bails at the last minute, or worse, drops out mid-project. Be sure to keep the names of the most promising candidates on file for future reference, and compile a list of outsourcing service providers who can step in on short notice in case of emergency. 

Once you find and hire a React web developer who is willing and able to meet all of the above requirements for your project, you should have your legal advisor draft a detailed contract and lock it in with the signatures of all relevant parties. 

TATEEDA, Your Partner for React JS Development

Finding and hiring a React JS developer for your project can be time consuming and tedious without the right connections. To get the best developer for your project at a price you can afford, partnering with TATEEDA is the perfect solution. 
Our team of knowledgeable IT professionals can provide one-stop-shop services for React JS development, including consulting, outsourcing and staff augmentation services. Contact TATEEDA today and take the guesswork out of hiring React JS developers, so you can focus on getting your React JS software project off the ground.

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