Tips for Hiring Java Developers for Your Custom Software Project

Java is a popular programming language used for a multitude of business websites and applications around the globe. Applications built with Java are known for their fast and efficient processing speed, which makes Java programmers a hot commodity for building software, online games, and applications for both web and mobile

Software built on Java can be found pretty much everywhere, from cellphones and laptops to major business platforms. Well-known companies whose software is Java-based include Netflix, Uber, Spotify, LinkedIn and Amazon. 

Despite the emergence of multiple new programming languages, skilled and experienced Java developers continue to be in high demand. In fact, according to Stackify, the demand for developers with solid Java skills is greater than for any other category of developers.

To find the best Java developer for your project, it pays to learn more about what they do, what to look for, and how to go about recruiting and hiring Java developers.

Key Skills for Java Developers

Key Skills for Java Developers

The Java programming language was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and later acquired by Oracle. Java is an object-oriented language based on the syntax of C++. Java programmers work on a software product throughout its life cycle, from concept and design to launch and release. 

During the course of development, a Java developer may wear many hats and perform multiple tasks, including:

  • Design and implement the Java project development phases
  • Participate in architecture development
  • Perform software analysis and trouble-shooting
  • Translate the product’s requirements into stipulations
  • Perform testing and maintenance tasks
  • Recommend improvements
  • Develop a product’s technical blueprint
  • Develop the project’s application code
  • Document the development phases
  • Test for quality assurance
  • Analyze data

Clearly, to ensure the highest quality end product, your Java web developer needs both experience and expertise that go beyond fundamental programming skills. 

Java candidate should possess these basic skills

Nevertheless, your Java candidate should possess these basic skills

  • Knowledge of JavaServer pages (JSP) 
  • Familiarity with multiple frameworks 
  • Understanding of web services and service-oriented architecture
  • Extensive knowledge about Java technologies, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and JQuery
  • Grasp of markup languages like XML and JSON
  • Adeptness with object-oriented programming  
  • In-depth knowledge of interfaces and frameworks
  • Fluency in Java keywords
  • Familiarity with Java virtual machine (JVM) 
Java developers advanced skills

Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, your Java developers may also need certain advanced skills

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain technology
  • Python
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Big Data
  • Mobile technologies for iOS and Android 
  • JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, React, and VueJS

Finding a Java Developer for Hire

Finding a Java Developer for Hire

Despite the high demand for Java programmers, you can find dedicated Java developers for your project if you know where to look. 

Online tech platforms and forums. If you’re into networking, social or otherwise, participating in forums and cruising platforms frequented by developers can be a good place to rub elbows, make connections and potentially find Java developers who are interested in your project. Check out platforms like GitHub, StackOverflow and Hacker News. You can also find developer groups on social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

IT job recruitment platforms. There is a growing number of online recruiting platforms dedicated to IT professionals, some of them set up like online dating platforms where you enter your needs and preferences, and the platforms’ algorithms match you with the best candidates for your project. Try CodinGame Sourcing,, Stack Overflow and Mashable.

Word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising for any product, service or brand, and that goes for IT services as well. Ask for referrals from other professionals in your niche who have tackled similar software development projects, or look for existing products that meet your requirements for functionality and make some calls to see if you can track down the development team. You can also ask for referrals from candidates you like who are not available during your project’s time frame. 

Professional consulting services. Many software development companies offer a scope of services, including consultation, outsourcing and staff augmentation services. They can be a great resource, since they work on projects all the time and are plugged into the developer community. You can save yourself a lot of time and resources by cutting to the chase with a software development firm. 

The Java Programmer Hiring Process

The Java Programmer Hiring Process

Once you narrow down your selection of potential candidates, take some time to prepare for the Java developer job interview, which can be broken down into 5 phases: 

  • Pre-Screening. The pre-screening interview is your chance to separate the sheep from the goats, eliminating candidates who don’t tick all your boxes. Prior to screening candidates, you should make a list of “must haves,” “would be nice,” and “deal breakers.” Pre-screening interviews normally take place via phone or video chat. 
  • In-Person Interview. In a perfect world, your candidate will be able to roll by your office or meet in a public space for a more in-depth interview. But in many instances, you will have to cast a wider net and find an offshore developer, so you’ll have to settle for video chat. In either case, a one-on-one interview lets you screen your candidate for soft skills like communication, work ethic and philosophy, and compatibility with your team.
  • Technical Interview. The tech interview is where you grill your candidate about their hard skills. If you are not fluent in tech-speak, the technical  interview is best delegated to someone who is. You may need to source this one out to a software consultancy firm, or find a knowledgeable IT professional who knows the right questions to ask, and the right answers to look for. 
  • Final interview. Once you have narrowed your search down to two or three candidates, the final interview brings together team members and stakeholders to ask and field questions, and arrive at a consensus. 
  • Job offer. Prior to making a job offer, you should already know what the candidate’s expectations are for rate of pay, hours of work, project duration, and job responsibilities. Those factors should be clearly stated in your job offer, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

To make an informed decision about your final candidate, you should familiarize yourself with Java vernacular and arm yourself with salient questions that help you narrow down your final applicants. 

In addition to general questions about software development skills and technologies, you should ask Java-specific questions to ensure that the candidate has the required skills to build a successful product.

important interview questions to ask your Java developer

Some important interview questions to ask your Java developer include: 

  • Questions about completed projects that reveal Java skills and experience
  • Questions about algorithms and data structure
  • Questions about programming languages and frameworks
  • Questions about software development approaches and methodologies 
  • Questions about related Java technologies 

Many of the most essential questions will be asked and answered during the technical interview. If you are not well versed in Java buzzwords and technologies, outsource this step or delegate it to a more knowledgeable colleague. 

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