Pharmaceutical Software Development Services

TATEEDA GLOBAL is a pharmaceutical software development company that knows how to implement digital solutions in pharmaceutical business processes.


Custom Pharmaceutical Software Solutions and Features: We Design and Deliver On Demand

We classify software systems into applications for pharmacies, larger companies, and pharmacological research centers. Thanks to our expertise in custom pharmaceutical software development, we can quickly deploy our team and DevOps processes to build the most refined system features available for your project and/or assist you with your IT staff augmentation environment.


Pharmacist and pharmacologist digital workplaces

Design user-friendly pharmaceutical dashboards with scientific and business-process management functionalities such as daily drugstore operations, pharmaceutical company supply workflows, and interpretation of pharma research data. This project type requires UI designers, front-end developers, .NET experts, and DevOps specialists.


Client-server multi-user solutions

Allow multiple user/client connections for your pharma ERP systems and other medical asset-management applications. This involves skilled IT engineering: Our back-end specialists will gladly provide you with their deep knowledge of client-server architecture, cloud computing, SQL, and other essential technologies.


IoT device integrations

Hire our pharmaceutical software developers to employ their IoT and embedded programming skills. Pharma-related business and scientific operations can require connective software with different trade equipment like laser scanners, lab devices, and/or smart IoT solutions found in pharma warehousing facilities.


Interoperability solutions for pharma organizations

Productive collaboration within healthcare, including the pharma sector, requires the use of HIPAA-compliant applications by all participants and stakeholders. Audit your current pharmaceutical data-management systems and establish crucial interoperability provisions.


Electronic data-capture solutions for pharmacological studies

In the context of pharma industry digitalization, there is a high demand for preclinical and clinical trial electronic forms connected to data analysis solutions. Our developers can create interactive pharmacological research forms with up-to-date web-development technologies, including protected data exchange and user access.


Cloud solutions

You can hire our experienced pharmaceutical software engineers and benefit from their expertise building hybrid, mixed, and multi-cloud solutions for fast, secure data exchange between diverse applications and remote pharma branches.


Custom Pharma Software Development Services We Offer

With TATEEDA GLOBAL, you can hire our pharmaceutical software developers for either full-cycle application development or IT staff augmentation services. We are ready to offer a wide range of cost-efficient software development services including system design, IoT software development and configuration, cloud engineering, project management, and HIPAA compliance consulting for technological life science companies, including every type of enterprise related to pharmacology.

Staff Augmentation Services

We offer skilled developers and engineers to reinforce your existing software projects in the pharma industry. This can help you reduce your costs in the following ways:

  • Our developers can augment your current project team on both a long-term and short-term basis, including hourly pay.
  • We can easily accept your internal collaboration framework and process reporting protocols while communicating with your team in a convenient time zone.
  • Our pharmaceutical software developers, testers, designers, and other specialists will work transparently on your tasks without hidden fees or other unexpected costs.

Pharma Inventory Software Development and Testing

We have helped many North American clients, including pharma distribution companies, medical drug suppliers, and lab service providers with development and QA for their pharmaceutical inventory information management systems:

  • Desktop and mobile applications with a variety of helpful features.
  • Pharma asset-management and stock procurement applications for pharmacies, companies, hospitals, medical centers, and more.
  • Supply-chain operator coordination and planning dashboards for pharmaceutical and pharmacological companies.
  • ERP database integrations, optimization, and additional functionalities.
  • IoT integrations with pharma warehousing equipment.
  • Pharma supply chain and logistics-management software.
  • Automated optical recognition of handwritten text and electronic documents.
  • All types of process automation and digital operation facilitation for drugstore networks, pharma laboratories, and international companies.

E-prescription Management Software Development

Health claim fulfillment systems are essential for pharmacies and prescription drug distributors working in the context of private and public healthcare plans:

  • E-prescription submission functionality for pharma business systems.
  • Patient claim processing and fulfillment for cross-system collaboration plus integration with digital systems of healthcare providers and insurance companies.
  • Automated bulk scanning of imported PDF files for specific keywords (e.g., drug names.
  • Algorithm-based text recognition feature for handwritten prescriptions.
  • Medical billing submissions and electronic signature functionality.

Drug Discovery Lab Systems Development and Testing

TATEEDA GLOBAL can help you build a system for pharma product research with the inclusion of AI. Drug discovery solutions can come with many integrated modules:

  • AI research platforms and third-party APIs: medical drug discovery solutions for virtual scientific simulations, molecule visualizations, and modeling of chemical interactions.
  • Specific pharma lab equipment and scientific device controllers.
  • Sophisticated data-mining software for a wide range of life-science practitioners and medical research organizations.
  • Specific life-science app interfaces for pharmacologists, structural biologists, and medicinal chemists.

Pharmaceutical ERP Customization and R&D Services

Building a pharmaceutical resource planning system from scratch is a large-scale task; however, there are a number of flexible platforms that can be modified to create unique ERP solutions. Our engineers can help you build:

  • Additional custom software modules for pharma ERP and CRM systems.
  • Custom panels and connected mobile apps with customized pharma resource-management functionalities.
  • Multiple integrations, including third-party pharma integrations and connected device projects.
  • Custom reports and smart dashboards with pharma-specific data-mining, AI-supported data analysis, and forecasting functionalities.

R&D Services for Pharma Production and Distribution Systems

Our engineers can help you design and develop sophisticated software products for manufacturing-process control and procurement planning in pharmaceutical facilities:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing execution control systems, including IoT integrations with equipment.
  • Pharma manufacturing operations-management applications, including supply control, resource planning, bookkeeping, and more.
  • Material requirements and planning tools and modules for pharma technologists.
  • Pharma product quality-management software.
  • Online pharma product shops and e-commerce websites with online payment, insurance company invoicing features, and more.


Pharma Business Digitalization Case Studies


TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by SCRx pharmacy to build a set of crucial online medication fulfillment features, including pharmacy insurance claims-processing.

This project was relatively straightforward with challenges for third-party integrations. The client was very cooperative and provided all requested information quickly and clearly. The team had to come up with some clever ways to adopt and implement business requirements to satisfied business logic. The project also helped both companies to establish long-term relationships for future collaboration and ongoing support.

Slava Khristich


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Laboratory Test Machine Software Development

TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered a software solution for a famous brand laboratory to support robotic systems and automate specific lab protocols with highly streamlined performance.

Hardware integration is not an easy task, especially when you developing software remotely. Both teams were able to successfully work on the project because of constant open communication with great support from the local development team, who were able to install updates and report any found issues in very detailed forms.

Slava Khristich


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Pharma Business Automation Web Platform Development

Development of a web-based system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs.

Development of a web-based system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs.

Slava Khristich


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The Benefits

If you hire TATEEDA’s pharmaceutical software developers to design and implement digital solutions for your business, you will secure a strong advantage: increased efficiency in pharma production, distribution, and research.

Better Pharma Business Results with Data Science

Consolidated data management will help you collect numbers and facts from various pharmaceutical business applications and aggregate them for data mining and analysis. Pharma enterprise managers can improve their strategies in the areas of business planning, operations, decision-making, and achievement of superior outcomes.

Perfect Regulatory Compliance for Pharma IT

It’s necessary to keep your IT systems mutually interoperable and compliant with strict industry rules, including HIPAA and associated technical standards. If everything is implemented correctly, business threats can be reduced to a minimum, including potential data leaks or misuse–which can entail painful penalties.

Stay Ahead of Technological Challenges

Precision and preventive strategies in medical care are rapidly unfolding before our eyes, and it’s pretty difficult for anyone to predict which technological opportunities are going to emerge next. However, we can shape your pharma IT landscape to remain scalable and prepared for new and developing functionalities.

Higher Income for Pharma Manufacturers & Distributors

We streamline every pharma company’s process through digitalization and automation in order to drastically reduce overhead. For example, a well-designed prescription drug-ordering application helps you generate medication orders and deliver smooth customer conversions. This can keep your pharma business operating in a nearly automated mode.


Technologies We Use

The development of pharmaceutical applications requires a mix of technologies, including web-based and mobile frameworks and languages.

Mobile Pharma Application Development:


Back-end Development:


Front-end Development:



Regulatory & Tech Compliance Policies We Ensure for Your Pharmacy Solutions



User data protection regulations applicable to pharma software for users in the E.U., the United Kingdom, and other affiliated territories.



The main regulation for secure PHI management within pharma applications in the United States.


EPSC Certification

Required for electronic drug prescription applications.


FDA Policies

The FDA oversees and regulates professional-grade software devices. This can also apply to certain pharma solutions.



The Canadian equivalent of HIPAA; covers data-management requirements for pharma applications.



The standard for secure financial transactions in pharma applications.



A major regulation that gives consumers more control over their information in California.



The international standards for interoperability of clinical and administrative data in pharmaceutical/healthcare IT.


Our Development Process


Why Choose TATEEDA GLOBAL as Pharmacy App Development Company?

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    We are a reliable pharma software-development partner in the United States.

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    No freelancers! All of our pharma app engineers in California and other locations are our employees, and all have gone through a strict talent selection process.

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    We employ multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions for your complex pharma-management systems including Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google cloud platforms.

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    Unlimited access to dedicated PMs and pharma developers/experts hired under conditions of your individualized team augmentation service.

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    We offer unlimited consulting for our clients in North American time zones.

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    Masters of Agile: TATEEDA GLOBAL always stays on schedule, scaling resources when necessary.

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    Integrated services with biotech device infrastructure such as pharmaceutical lab equipment.

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    Intelligent cost management with a mix of local and remote talent.

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    Fast set-up. Start your project quickly, with our team ready in 48-72 hours.

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    Do you provide pharmaceutical software development in San Diego?

    Yes, but we are not limited to California; we provide pharmaceutical system-development services in the United States as well as globally. We are happy to acquire new clients from all over the world, and we are ready to help pharma business IT projects from Europe, Australia, South America, and other continents and regions.

    Software development for pharma companies can vary greatly in terms of project duration. The average duration of a pharma software project depends on the following factors:

    • The number and complexity of user screens and dashboards
    • The specific number and quality of technologies involved in the project
    • The number of concurrent user connections
    • The complexity of pharma application architecture.

    …and several other factors. Basically, a small pharma application with a limited number of business features can be developed and tested within 4-6 months. More complex pharmaceutical IT solutions can take 9-12 months or longer. Estimated project duration can be reduced if you start with an MVP strategy.

    We are trying to keep the hourly rate we offer per pharma app development project as optimal as possible. At TATEEDA GLOBAL, we employ a range of strategies, including a mixed team of local and remote talent working under our R&D offices in Eastern Europe and other locations (as mentioned above, we do not employ freelancer developers or other tech specialists.) Each project comes with a custom price tag that depends on many factors (like team composition, for example). Please contact us for more information!

    We possess a wide and exceptionally diversified toolbox of skills, with everything at hand for your full-cycle pharma software development process: for example, .NET domain technologies for building complex cross-platform solutions for pharma product trade (like online pharmacies) and manufacturing (like large-scale pharma product-distribution platforms). A pharma application can include many different technologies, depending on its structure and design. For example, if your project is web-based, we can employ technologies for front-end and back-end development, including JS, Dart, SQL, HTML in addition to many other associated technologies. We invite you to discuss your project with us in detail so we can offer you a set of individualized solutions perfectly suited to your specific requirements.