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TATEEDA GLOBAL is an experienced patient portal development company from San Diego, California. We offer successful multi-platform patient portal software development and enhanced interactions between patients and healthcare providers through custom web-based and mobile solutions.


The Best Features for Patient Portal
Solution We Design and Build

Why develop patient portal software? Because it gives your patients a secure access gateway where they can conveniently interact with your healthcare organization and physicians in a variety of contexts without engaging human administrators or moderators for every patient request.

Patient Authorized Access

It’s important to implement a range of user access options in patient portals to:

  • Prevent unauthorized access via personal login/password for each patient and multi-factor authorization for medical data enhanced security.
  • Add biometric patient authorization options like fingerprint and voice recognition as alternatives.
  • Implement voice command execution and other helpful options for alternatively-abled patients.

Scheduling Doctor’s Appointments

This is one of the most important patient portal features, allowing patients to plan their appointments with medical specialists:

  • View physician schedules and calendars to identify unoccupied time slots from a weekly or monthly perspective.
  • Book empty time slots and schedule appointments with required medical specialists remotely, without calling the medical center front desk.
  • Get automatic confirmations, notifications, and reminders ahead of medical appointments, so patients and physicians will never miss one.

Convenient Interfaces for Patients

User-friendly patient portals must be supportive of a wide spectrum of physical and cognitive capabilities found among different patient groups:

  • Configurable interfaces for differently-abled patients along with simplified dialogs with an augmented option-selection process.
  • Large titles and buttons for elderly people or people with challenged vision; voice or visual tips can be added for elderly users and other patient categories with a gap in tech skills.
  • Optimized software dialogs that allow patients to achieve their goals in a minimized cascade of steps to avoid confusion.

Patient Analytics, Profiles, and Dashboards

Build patient portals with the ability to access personal profiles, personalized settings, analytical features, and data visualizations:

  • Collect and visualize data from medical IoT devices and wellness wearables such as fitness trackers and professional-grade adhesive sensors.
  • Aggregate data from various sources and represent it through custom patient dashboards and charts: individualized patient stats, healthcare service efficiency reports, insurance cost information, and more.
  • Share information and files with healthcare providers and medical specialists within integrated patient portal solutions, like DICOM images and diagnostic conclusions from third-party care providers.

Medical Record Integration

Our patient portal development services include sophisticated custom patient portals connected with the EHR/EMR systems of your choice:

  • Select the optimal platform for your patient portal, including mobile and web technologies for different patient categories.
  • Custom patient dashboard(s) for patient record and document management, including health tests, diagnostic readings, and drug prescriptions.
  • HIPAA-compliance practices for secure patient portal solutions.

Protected Communications with Healthcare Staff

We can help you create integrated patient portals featuring a variety of communication tools:

  • Implement secure messaging protocols to enable instant interaction between patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Create telemedicine solutions accessible via patient portal, including protected live chat, on-demand video sessions with selected medical specialists, and more.
  • Chatbots and automated self-diagnostic dialogs that help patients access expedited assistance and solutions for their health conditions.

Patient Medical Education and Notifications

Custom patient portals can be used by healthcare providers to deliver important information to their patients:

  • Health tips and sustainability instructions in relation to seasonal disease outbreaks or chronic conditions such as allergies.
  • Exercise routines and healthy lifestyle education, articles, and posts; mental health materials and support for patients with difficult health conditions.
  • Push notifications for mobile patient portal applications: urgent healthcare news, medical-appointment scheduling updates, emergency alerts, and more.

Administrative Functionality for Patients

Core functionality in the context of patient portal software development should always include:

  • Secure PCI-compliant integration with third-party systems like billing, payment, and banking gateways.
  • Downloadable clinical and hospital forms as required by local or federal healthcare regulations designed to achieve a higher level of patient care.
  • Online medical surveys, questionnaires, and other tools for patient feedback collection and processing, including anonymized medical survey solutions.
What we offer

Custom Patient Portal Development Services and Solutions Offered by TATEEDA GLOBAL

Our company offers deep expertise in creating and/or upgrading IT solutions for a wide range of healthcare market players, from online nursing service providers to innovative health-tech startups and pharma companies. That’s why we don’t limit our patient portal software development capabilities to a narrow niche. Instead, we offer valuable cross-domain skills and concepts.

Web and Enterprise Patient Portals

  • Development and testing of branded medical facility portals in web environments. We make sure patients can safely access their profiles, records, online communications with medical professionals, billing, and more.
  • UI/UX development services for convenient, optimized patient web interfaces. This includes access portals in sequential screens, refined dashboards, individual profile settings, buttons, panels, dialog windows, and much more.
  • Adherence to the HIPAA requirements and your specific demands in terms of incorporated web technologies and specified software functionality.

Patient Portal Mobile Application Development

  • Development and testing of telehealth patient portal features integrated into mobile apps: protected remote conferencing tools with regulatable streaming video quality, medical device integration, remote monitoring, and more.
  • Mobile patient portals with a variety of functions: connected wearables, chats, information, and education.
  • Design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of dedicated custom mobile applications for patients, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities with sophisticated user portal features.

eRx Application Development

  • Integration of e-prescription management functionality with custom patient portal mobile apps and web solutions that let patients discuss and obtain prescriptions remotely, without in-person visits whenever possible.
  • Online refill-ordering solutions: automatic generation of pharmacy orders and shipment to authorized drugstores and other stakeholders (e.g., insurance providers) according to healthcare protocols.
  • Medication reminders for patients like mobile app alerts and pop-ups.
  • Specific functionalities for controlled substances as required by healthcare regulations and protocols.

Development of Custom Patient Forms

  • Create custom web and mobile interfaces for collecting patient feedback and self-reporting, as a standalone or integrated software solution for hospitals, clinics, and medical centers.
  • Enable smart fields and individualized electronic forms for patient data collection and aggregation; integrated form-builders for medical staff.
  • Protect patient access and medical data transmission according to HIPAA and other crucial healthcare regulations.

Integrated Patient Portals with Advanced Client-server Technologies

  • Develop and test a patient portal that connects to an existing hospital information-management system or EHR/EMR solution, with an optimized client-server model using cloud technology and real-time synchronization.
  • Develop patient portal software backed by a standalone/isolated patient database without immediate synchronization with other medical practice systems.
  • Optimize legacy patient portals for enhanced, refactored client-server data exchange.


Our Projects with Patient Portal Functionalities


TATEEDA GLOBAL helped AYA Healthсare build a comprehensive travel nurse management system that included web-based and mobile components like automated financial reporting and time tracking, mobile apps for medical workers, and a clinical portal for medical system representatives.

Mobile Development Web Development Medical Staff Management Medical Staff Portal Legacy System Re-engineering Project Reinforcement

TATEEDA GLOBAL has a wonderful team. They are knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and are committed to high-quality results. They provide efficient solutions, so we are able to continuously grow our business in great ways.

Anna King

Director of Product Development, Aya, San Diego, California, US

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TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired to help the client provide healthcare organizations/facilities with electronic data-capture forms. Our team members currently assist them with design, coding, testing, and automatic rendering of electronic questionnaires for patients and clinicians.

Web-based Patient Portal Patient Portal Maintenance

When it comes to modern, web-based technologies, our team is highly experienced and skilled. TATEEDA GLOBAL was readily available to offer our services to the client. Begun as a one-time project, the collaboration has now evolved into a perpetual partnership with one of the most sophisticated healthcare data-management platforms worldwide.

Natalia Juhasz

Project Manager at TATEEDA GLOBAL

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TATEEDA GLOBAL has developed La Maestra patient portal mobile application for La Maestra health center patients as well as a web-based admin panel for managing its content.

Patient Portal Development Mobile Application Development QA Web Development User Authorization Role Management

TATEEDA GLOBAL had a very methodical approach in helping up develop our mobile app. Besides just developing the software, it required managing my team (as the customer) to provide the required information and decision-making. TATEEDA GLOBAL’s always had our best interest in mind and made sure we have a realistic expectation.

Sal Saldivar

CTO, La Maestra Community Health Centers

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Benefits of Custom Patient Portal Development

A patient portal solution can be a highly promising strategy for your healthcare organization, but only if the project is correctly and efficiently executed. TATEEDA GLOBAL helps you design and create a patient portal that encompasses many beneficial concepts and functionalities.

A Lot of Time Saved for Admin Employees

Nurses and receptionists at medical centers, clinics, and hospitals can save plenty of working hours thanks to self-service encouraged by patient portals. For example, they don’t have to process enormous numbers of incoming calls with typical actions like scheduling or rescheduling doctor’s appointments, because these tasks can be done by patients themselves through a convenient online medical portal.

Access to Individualized Treatment Options

Patient portals can help you deliver highly personalized healthcare information to patients, allowing them to interact with your organization through a range of functionalities. This is possible because users can see their individual version of the patient portal with personalized content, precise marketing offerings, and a modified toolbox based on the requirements and treatment plans of each specific patient.

Cyber Attack Prevention and Fraud Protection

If a clinical patient portal is created and maintained by professional developers like TATEEDA GLOBAL, it’s completely safe for use. First of all, efficient patient portal applications and web solutions come with all necessary precautions and measures to protect users and their medical records, prevent data leaks, and minimize the risk of account hijacking. Second, they are always comprehensively designed to be sustainable against any potential or unintentional misuse.

Patient Engagement

Enable new opportunities in patient management by keeping your patients closely engaged with your services, incentives, and marketing offers. Ensure that your healthcare organization nurtures efficient two-sided relationships with your clients by offering them high-quality virtual interaction via convenient, feature-rich, attractive patient portals.


Technologies We Use for Patient Portal Software Development

There exist different types and configurations of patient portal technologies, including hybrid combinations. We are open to studying your specific business situation and project requirements to craft the best technological composition for your patient portal solution, including web, mobile, and server-side platforms.

Mobile Patient Portals


Desktop Patient Portals


Web Patient Portals


Cloud Solutions for Portals



We Build Patient Portals that Comply with All Regulatory Requirements

For TATEEDA GLOBAL, legal and technical compliance is paramount. Sensitive health data belonging to patients who access and transmit their information through patient portals must always be handled in a completely safe and legitimate manner.



User data protection regulation applicable to patient portal software in the E.U., the United Kingdom, and other affiliated territories.



The main regulation for secure PHI management via patient portals in the United States.


EPSC Certification

Required for operations with electronic prescriptions in patient portal applications.


FDA Policies

The FDA oversees and regulates professional-grade software devices. This can also apply to patient portals integrated with a certain medical device.



The Canadian equivalent of HIPAA; covers data-management requirements for patient portals used in Canada.



The standard for secure financial transactions in healthcare; a popular feature in patient portals in the United States.



A central regulation that gives consumers greater control over their information in California.



The international standards for clinical and administrative data interoperability in patient portal solutions.


Let’s Partner Up:
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Why Choose TATEEDA GLOBAL for Patient Portal Project Services and Staff Augmentation?

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    We are a reliable onshore healthcare IT development company based in California.

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    No freelancers! All of our patient portal developers in San Diego and other R&D offices are our employees, and all have gone through a strict staff recruitment process.

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    Unlimited access to dedicated PMs and healthcare software developers managed under the conditions of your individualized project plan.

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    We provide multi-cloud and hybrid cloud for your patient management systems with Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, and Google cloud platforms.

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    We offer unlimited consulting services to our clients in North American and European time zones.

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    Masters of Agile: TATEEDA GLOBAL always stays on schedule, scaling resources when necessary to deliver your patient portal solution on time.

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    Integrated services with IoT-managed medical equipment and biotech lab tools, if required by your healthcare project concept.

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    Intelligent cost management with a mix of local and remote talent.

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    Fast setup. Start your project quickly, with our team ready in 48-72 hours.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can a patient portal reinforce your medical practice?

    A patient portal is a very helpful solution that executes multiple healthcare functions:

    • Encourages patient self-service and AI-aided assistance practices
    • Provides patients with 24/7 access to their medical records and files
    • Helps medical organizations manage patient engagement metrics
    • Allows medical staff like nurses and administrators to save time on routine patient-service tasks

    The cost depends on the scale, technology profile, and team composition of your specific patient portal project. The average price for a patient portal project in the healthcare IT industry usually falls between $40,000 and $90,000 USD, if it includes a wide range of features and functionalities. Please contact us for a specific estimate.

    The average patient seeks a comprehensive experience and wants to achieve his/her goals (like scheduling a doctor’s appointment) in a minimum number of steps/clicks. Also, different groups of patients can have special requirements. For this, skilled IT professionals like software architects and UI designers collaborate to conceptualize your patient portal and come up with an optimal plan.

    As soon as all formalities are settled, we’ll be ready to deploy our team on your project in 48-72 hours. This can be done under the conditions of full-cycle patient portal development/team augmentation services with organic integration of our specialists into your existing project team.