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With our headquarters located in sunny San Diego, TATEEDA provides full-cycle Quality Assurance (QA) and as well as automated software testing services to diverse industries across multiple business domains.

Our experienced team of engineers is fully familiar with all popular standardized testing procedures. We run a full software analysis for performance, functionality, and user interfaces.We also conduct audits for security and execute test automation for complex systems.

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    Software testing is a vital part of the software development process. Testing ensures the production of the highest quality products, and helps us find issues and defects in existing products or applications. We produce bug-free software that operates flawlessly and complies with all requested specifications.

    As a part of the Agile process, software testing should be conducted immediately, as soon as development begins, often before a single line of code is written. Ongoing testing guarantees the highest quality product with minimal risks and a high level of confidence.

    Types of Testing

    TATEEDA’s quality assurance engineers provide a diverse range of software testing services to meet the individual needs of our clients. We make sure your web and mobile software performs perfectly on any screen, device or browser.

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    Manual Testing

    We perform manual testing of all UI components and application functionality. When required, we include data verification.

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    Automated Testing

    Our team employs various tools to automate tedious testing processes. This is especially important for larger applications with complex logic.  Automated testing makes it possible to release your app quickly, without bugs. It tests regression, integration, functionality, user experience and more. With test automation, we are able to accelerate our processes, generate accurate

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    Performance Testing

    Most of the time, performance testing and automated testing go hand-in-hand. Performance testing allows us to test software under load and in critical situations, to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint processes needed for optimization. Our software testing agency uses a suite of automated tools to conduct performance tests.

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    Security Testing

    Security is one of the greatest concerns for online applications. The TATEEDA team tests applications for numerous common security threats like SQL Injections, denial of services (DDoS), man in the middle attacks, brute force attacks and cross-site scripting (XSS). Achieving high security standards depends on the architecture we provide to our customers.

    Software Testing Services

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    Mobile App Testing

    Our mobile testing strategy covers device and network infrastructure, optimized device selection, and a combination of manual and automated testing tools, to perform both non-functional and functional testing. All tests are geared toward launching your finished mobile application, on time and within budget.

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    Web App Testing

    Web application testing is a complex process that involves multiple interdependent elements and requires a professional approach. Our experienced experts take into account the specific features of your project and the mechanics of the interactive server part, web servers, databases, user interface and third-party components. Our testing services include: Functional, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Usability, Performance, Security, Compatibility, Load and Stress testing.

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    Desktop App Testing

    With so many operating systems, platforms, languages and environments to validate, we offer a wide range of services for testing desktop applications. We use proven tools to ensure our testing is effective, efficient and of value to our clients.

    Life Cycle of the Product

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    Test Design

    Environment Setup

    Test Execution

    Test Reporting

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