Software Testing

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Software testing is very important part of software development process. It allows to produce quality product and find floes in current product/application to produce bugs free software. As a part of Agile process testing should be performed as soon as development starts and in some cases, it begins even before any line of code is written. Constant process of testing guarantees high quality of software, minimize risks and increase confidence.

Types of testing

TATEEDA’s quality assurance engineers provide variety of testing services based on clients request and needs.

Manual Testing

We provide test cases for manual testing process as well as manual testing of all UI components and functionality available to the application user. If require manual testing includes data verification.

Automated testing

Our team is using different tools to automate tedious testing process. It becomes more important for larger application and applications with complex logic. Automated testing allows to produces reliable process, generate reports and compare different results at different stages of software.

Performance Testing

Performance testing and automation testing almost always comes together. Performance testing allow to test software under load and in critical situations, identify bottlenecks and pinpoint processes needed for optimization. We are using a suite of automated tools to conduct this process.

Security Testing

Security is one of the biggest concerns for online applications. TATEEDA’s team test applications for many common security threads such as SQL Injections, denial of services (DDoS), man on the middle, Bute Force Attaches and cross site scripting (XSS). Achieving high security standards depends on the architecture which we provide to our customers.

Software Testing Services

Mobile App Testing

We provide a comprehensive mobile testing strategy that includes device and network infrastructure, optimized selection of target devices, and an effective combination of manual and automated testing tools to cover both functional and non-functional testing as essential for getting your mobile applications to market on time and within budget.

Web App Testing

Testing web applications is a complex process consisting of many interdependent elements and requires a professional approach. Our experienced experts takes into account the specific features of the project and the mechanics of the interaction server part, web servers, databases, user interface and third-party components. Our testing services include: Functional, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Usability, Performance, Security, Compatibility, Load and Stress types of testing.

Desktop App Testing

With so many operating systems, platforms, languages and environments to validate, we offer a wide range of services for testing desktop applications and using of a proven tools to make sure, that our testing is both effective, efficient and of value to our clients.

Life cycle of the product

Test Planning

Test Design

Environment Setup

Test Execution

Test Reporting

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