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Platforms and Technologies

Due to the rapid development of technology, mobile devices are becoming more available. In turn, this leads to a lot of people with a variety of gadgets that they can install lots of useful, interesting, or entertaining mobile apps.

TATEEDA creates mobile applications on IOS and Android for different business types and varying complexity.

For hybrid apps, our development process is based on the Cordova platform. This platform allows us to use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, avoiding duplicate development in native languages for each mobile platform.

Mobile App Development Services

Native App Development

In some cases, you just can’t beat native application performance. Perhaps your app is graphic intensive or you are doing complicated blue tooth communication with a specialized medical device. When the business case demands it, we can create a native application that meets your needs.

Cross Platform App Development

Native apps are great. But in many if not most business applications, they just aren’t worth the time and expense of developing two completely separate applications and then testing them both on different platforms. We routinely write once and deliver to IOS and Android platforms within days of each other. Our clients love the productivity and their customers love to get the app on their platform of choice immediately.

Mobile Apps for Various Industries

Business & Finance

A business website and mobile app is a calling card, technical support, and a sales department all in one. If done properly, you will only need this website. By choosing to partner with our company, you will be provided with a skilled team of designers, programmers, analysts and testers that will allow you to create a modern, high-quality product to meet your business needs.

Medicine & Healthcare

For business owners developing a medical website and mobile app, this is an excellent opportunity to grow the number of satisfied customers, promote your brand, and increase your revenue. Our specialists will help you create a professional site, where you will be able to tell your customers about the benefits of your business, where you will be able to advise their patients and publish the latest news.


Today biotechnology projects conquer the world in their relevance and impress us all with their innovative solutions. The ability to model many natural processes on the computer have led modern science to promising discoveries. Our team will help you deliver these exciting moments to the public.


E-commerce is a reality of our time. We are the ideal partner for the development of online sales, supporting your product and your brand at each stage of development. We advise on design and server architecture that will allow the system to scale for you and for your customers.

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