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About our DevOps service company

10+ years in American high-tech business, developing complex custom solutions for our clients and our own team, including a smooth, highly productive DevOps environment where our engineers and testers are empowered to deliver perfectly refined applications with no barriers or delays.

Why You Need a DevOps Consultant: DevOps Objectives

Our DevOps engineering services will help you streamline your software delivery pipeline. This includes best automation practices in application release deployment, data flow optimization, server health monitoring, infrastructure security maintenance, quality assurance, and regular system backups with the help of Cloud technologies.


DevOps Consulting and Implementation Services

Our onshore DevOps company will help you create an efficient infrastructure that incorporates custom architecture, smart system administration, reusable models, optimized workflows, automated processes, and business intelligence. Let’s see how these services can work for you…

Cloud Infrastructure Management

For improving your organization’s scalability and compatibility across public and private clouds, our cloud DevOps consulting firm can help you deploy or move your assets to a so-called cloud-agnostic infrastructure that includes the best mix of cloud offerings, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud methodologies with multiple vendors like AWS, Google, and Azure.

DevOps Strategizing & Engineering

Don’t you know where to start with DevOps services? We’ll help you identify priorities and identify the best ways to speed up the production process and reduce human involvement in IT operations and tasks. We’ll assist you in crafting a well-balanced mix of DevOps technologies for automated testing, delivery, updating, and deployment of your products.

Continuous Integration & Delivery: CI/CD Services

CI/CD methods transform the way your software versioning and code changes are conveyed from the design to deployment phases. CI/CD engineering will let your team automatically merge and deploy code changes and consistently propagate those changes across sources and application builds throughout the testing and production phases. With CI/CD, this happens much more quickly to improve your time-to-market and other metrics.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Implementation

IaC is one of the critical DevOps practices underlying the concept of continuous delivery (CD). It allows for deployment of scalable infrastructures according to a predefined descriptive model: connection topologies, networks, virtual machines, load balancers, and more. Our DevOps team can help you engineer and deploy IaC so your IT environment can be auto-reproduced quickly and easily.

Containerisation Method Implementation

Сontainerisation is an important software architecture method in modern DevOps. It helps optimize the speed, scale, and margin of operations by putting software components–including their configurations, environments, and dependencies–into isolated contexts, a.k.a. containers. It allows you to manage and consistently improve your applications in any on-premises or cloud-based computing settings.

Continuous Monitoring (CM) for IT Infrastructure

With CM methodology, you can enable constant supervision over the technical metrics of your servers, network, databases, and software infrastructure to maintain their health, security, optimized performance, and proper transparency throughout your IT team operations. With the help of well-tuned monitoring and alerting tools, you can detect and quickly respond to any possible performance issues and security breaches.

What we offer

How Your Business Can Benefit from Hiring DevOps Consultants

TATEEDA GLOBAL provides high-quality DevOps consulting services in San Diego, CA. Hire our DevOps experts to help you unlock profit growth through achievement of new efficiency horizons in your IT business. DevOps integration is all about boosting the agility of your computing infrastructure and helping you build better IT processes & operations within your organization.

Streamline IT Operations and Support Scalability

Our DevOps consulting services will help you establish an agile, highly productive work environment. This helps you automate the scaling of your operational processes and IT infrastructure so you can readily respond to current business growth, challenges, issues, and fluctuating needs.

Achieve All-around Security and Resilience of Operations

By hiring skilled DevOps consultants, you can strengthen your security approach in all areas of IT operations. Our DevOps experts can help you identify and cover the security gaps in your infrastructure while implementing a sustainable emergency recovery plan to support operational stability while developing optimal data safety in your organization.

Optimize the Software Development Lifecycle

Our seasoned DevOps experts will help you rethink and enhance your IT infrastructure’s architecture to achieve optimal configuration with automated/facilitated maintenance routines and tasks, allowing you to concentrate all your development and business resources on the key objectives of your organization instead of burning them on inefficient operations.

Get Rid of Unpredictable Downtime Events

Well-tuned DevOps services mean early failure detection and fewer risks for your organization. If your IT infrastructure is polished and works flawlessly, you can expect more predictable and stable operations that are almost completely free of unpleasant surprises and/or technical issues that tend to endanger or hinder projects.

Release Software and Launch Projects Faster

With the services provided by our San Diego DevOps consulting firm, you can create a powerful launchpad that lets your projects and applications take off smoothly. Well-tuned DevOps will help you distribute your resources intelligently and efficiently, with reduced costs per operation and significantly improved time-to-market value.

Customer Satisfaction

The better your business operates, the higher the satisfaction rate of your customers and clients. This point is one of the top reasons to hire DevOps experts. We will help you build IT infrastructure that ensures flawless functioning of your company. We’ll make sure all your technology processes are focused on satisfying customers.

Make Best Use of Agility Methods

Modern software development relies on Agile development methodologies, and DevOps services must align with the style of project management your team adheres to. Our DevOps company uses Agile methodology best practices. We know how to build your DevOps infrastructure!


Projects Supported by DevOps Platforms Deployed by our Experts


AYA Healthcare

TATEEDA GLOBAL helped AYA Healthсare build a comprehensive travel nurse management system that included web-based and mobile components like automated financial reporting and time tracking, mobile apps for medical workers, and a clinical portal for medical system representatives.

Mobile Development Web Development Medical Staff Management Medical Staff Portal Legacy System Re-engineering Project Reinforcement
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Pharma Distribution Company [NDA]

TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by the client to design and build a web-based application/system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs. Company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.

Web Development Pharma Business Automation Prescription Management Pharmacy Inventory Management
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TATEEDA GLOBAL produced a sophisticated wireless remote heart monitoring system that presents ECG data to health care providers via iOS and Android tablets for arrhythmia detection.

Mobile Development Web Development Remote Patient-monitoring Solution Remote Heart Monitoring Telehealth QA
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SCRx Pharmacy

TATEEDA GLOBAL was involved as a project reinforcement partner to help SCRx Pharmacy with back-end development, cloud integration, third-party API integration, QA, and many other key business processes optimizations and improvements.

Online Medication Fulfillment OCR Integration Pharmacy Claim-management System Pharmacy Claims Automation Optical Character Recognition
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DevOps Tools and Platforms We Use

DevOps is represented by a wide range of platforms. We employ the best of these, and can master additional DevOps instruments if required for your project. Our top skills, tools, and systems include Grafana and Prometheus for logging and monitoring, Docker and Kubernetes for microservices, TeamCity for Continuous Integration (CI), Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows, Bash for Linux servers, multiple services for Cloud development, and much more. Contact us to discuss the details!

Why TATEEDA GLOBAL Is Your Best DevOps Partner

  • We are an onshore Cloud DevOps consulting firm in San Diego, CA. We offer unlimited consulting for our clients in a convenient North American time zone.

  • No DevOps freelancers! All of our DevOps engineers in San Diego and other locations are our employees. They have all gone through a rigorous recruitment process.

  • Unlimited access to dedicated project managers and DevOps developers and experts for team augmentation service.

  • We are masters of Agile. We always stay on schedule, scaling resources when necessary.

  • Best cloud development solutions to transform your DevOps: Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google.

  • Integrated DevOps services with IoT device infrastructure.

  • Intelligent cost management with a mix of local and remote DevOps talent.

  • Fast set-up. Start your DevOps project quickly, with our team ready in 48-72 hours.


Steps Included in our DevOps Consulting Services

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    Can you create a DevOps strategy for my startup?

    Sure! Our DevOps expert consulting teamcrafts customized solutions accompanied by a long-term plan for better DevOps interactions and infrastructure within your company. Contact us for a free consultation!

    Yes! You can hire a DevOps expert from TATEEDA GLOBAL and make them part of your current team under the staff augmentation model with hourly task-centered rates. In other words, you are billed according to the actual volume and duration of work done for your company, with no hidden or unjustified fees.

    Yes. We can provide you with a full range of DevOps services, including continuous integration (CI), delivery (CD), and monitoring (CM). Prior to providing you with certain services, we will assess your current DevOps level so our services can be of the best use to you.

    Please contact us and tell us more about your project or company. Based on your objectives, team composition, DevOps technologies, and the scale of our required DevOps assistance, we will offer you the best possible rate.

    First of all, we are not exclusively a San Diego DevOps consulting firm. We are also a custom software development company that specializes in healthcare and biotechnology applications and projects. For many years, we have polished our own DevOps, experimented with a wide range of products and approaches, and generated vast experience in the field. Now, our Cloud DevOps engineers can share their knowledge with you and help you streamline your DevOps environment according to the expertise we have gained from years of practice.