Internet of Things

Collecting and sharing information from connected devices

The great promise of connected devices is slowly but surely taking shape and accelerating every day. But what's the value of collecting that information if you can't make use of it? TATEEDA has partnered with cutting edge providers of remote sensors and devices to collect that information and present it in an easy to understand and useful manner. Whether it be monitoring utility usage or getting data to help form an accurate diagnosis, TATEEDA is helping us all become better connected with the Internet of Things.

Our expertise


MarineSync offers innovative monitoring systems for equipment and remote assets. They are involved in virtually every facet of the wireless monitoring sector, with a specific focus on Marinas and Recreational Vehicle Facilities.


VentriLink works with select clients to develop and deploy state-of-the-art wireless remote monitoring systems. They deliver actionable, high-resolution information from mobile or fixed wireless sensors.

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