Getting Your Priorities Straight in Agile Software Development

Any custom software development project is a big undertaking, especially if the product is complex and multi-faceted. Throughout the development lifecycle, prioritizing tasks should be an ongoing process, to ensure a smooth workflow and prevent redundancies. Because custom software projects have a multitude of moving parts, it is easy to lose sight of the forest […]

Methodologies in Software Engineering: Evolution of the Software Development Process

The past two decades have seen a whirlwind of technological innovations that emerge faster than consumers can keep up. In particular, the demand for software solutions has skyrocketed, giving birth to a flourishing industry whose growth has no end in sight. As demand has mushroomed, the software development process has rapidly evolved to become more […]

Learn the Difference Between Software vs Application

The terms software and application are often used interchangeably by people with a limited comprehension of computer technology. Technically, applications are a form of software, but not all software is an application. To make a more accurate distinction between the two, we can discuss them in terms of systems software vs application software. Systems Software […]

Internet of Things: the Good, the Bad and the Future

No one can deny that technology has taken a quantum leap in a few short years, and it continues to develop faster than most of us can keep up with. One of the most rapidly growing sectors of technology is the Internet of Things (IoT), where devices interact with other devices to keep people connected. […]

Healthcare Software Solutions

Like many large and well-established industries, the healthcare sector is being challenged to bring itself up to speed with 21st Century technology. From patient billing to large scale hospital processes, modern healthcare needs to upgrade its systems to keep pace with current demands for accuracy, efficiency, security and privacy.  Use this guide to learn about […]

The ABCs of Application Software

Almost everyone on the planet owns or has access to computer technology in the form of desktops, laptops, pads or smartphones. Hardware makes up the “nuts and bolts” of your devices, but without software they would be useless.  You can think of hardware as the brawn of your devices, and software as the brains. There […]

Guide to the Software Development Process 2020

As innovations in technology make inroads into every facet of business and personal life, the demands for more sophisticated and complex software solutions have businesses scrambling to find experienced software development companies who can create next-level solutions to meet their needs.  Fundamental to any software development project is a systematic approach to the development process. […]

Agile Events for Superior Product Development

Agile Events, formerly known as Agile Ceremonies, encompass the series of steps taken during Agile project development sprints. In a nutshell, Agile Events are a coordinated approach to team interaction throughout a project’s development lifecycle. Without a coordinated methodology, project development could quickly degenerate to a chaotic maelstrom fueled by miscommunication, ambiguity, and frustration.  The […]

Advantages of Custom Software

All excelling companies are shifting a large portion of their operational processes to the digital space. Strong tech backup is a key prerequisite for growth, development, excellent customer service and market superiority. You cannot expect to out-perform your competitors if you use the same strategies and tools. and approaches as theirs. Off-the-shelf software products have […]