How to Choose & Hire the Best Software Development Staff Augmentation Company

In this post, we’ll discuss what the staff augmentation services do, and compare them to other forms of IT outsourcing, such as IT project consulting and managed services. Software development projects come in all shapes and sizes, from simple to complex. For your IT business to remain competitive, you cannot afford to turn down projects […]

Learn the Difference Between Software vs Application

The terms software and application are often used interchangeably by people with a limited comprehension of computer technology. Technically, applications are a form of software, but not all software is an application. To make a more accurate distinction between the two, we can discuss them in terms of systems software vs application software. Systems Software […]

Why Outsource to Ukraine: How to Hire Ukrainian Software Development Team

If you are a tech junkie or work with IT in your business, you have probably noticed that many experts and authorities on software development come from Eastern Europe, especially from Ukraine. That is no coincidence. Ukraine has gained world renown over the past two decades as a haven for IT outsourcing of high-quality and […]

10 of the World’s Fastest Growing Business Sectors in 2021

No one can deny that the year 2020 upended almost every industry on the planet, and many thriving businesses have had to modify their business models to adapt. For investors, finding the most promising and lucrative business ventures demands a reevaluation of the market trends that promise to dominate in 2021 and beyond.  Entrepreneurs looking […]

Business Guide to Offshore Software Development Services

An enormous boom in online business operations has profoundly impacted the IT industry, putting top developers in high demand. This has led to a severe shortage of talented domestic developers in the US, forcing businesses to cast a broader net to leverage offshore software development services. But the advantages of outsourcing offshore development are offset […]

Where to Find Developers for Your Business Software Projects

Software engineers are in high demand these days, and it can be challenging to find freelance programmers who are both affordable and experienced, and can build a high-performing custom product that meets your business needs. Before you hire a developer online to take on your project, you should learn all you can about developers for […]

Healthcare Software Solutions

Like many large and well-established industries, the healthcare sector is being challenged to bring itself up to speed with 21st Century technology. From patient billing to large scale hospital processes, modern healthcare needs to upgrade its systems to keep pace with current demands for accuracy, efficiency, security and privacy.  Use this guide to learn about […]

IT Consulting Rates Per Hour 2021

There are very few enterprises in 2021 that can remain competitive without incorporating technology into their business processes. Yet most business owners have no idea where to start when it comes to implementing technology, or how to budget for custom software that meets the unique needs of their operations.  Even if you have an in-house […]

The Best IT Solutions for Small Business Success

In the 2020s it is nearly impossible to remain competitive and turn a profit without leveraging at least some of the many IT solutions for small and medium businesses. Whether you’re starting a brand new business or simply want to bring your existing SME up to speed with 21st Century technology, there are a number […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business

Whether you are launching a new startup or want to give your SME a tech makeover, selecting the right technology is key to streamlining your business processes in the most cost effective way. These tips will give you some basic guidance and insights into how to choose the right technology for your business.  Before You […]