Custom EHR/EMR Software System Development: The Complete Guide

From this article, you’ll learn… ✔️ Everything there is to know about EMR & EHR software development ✔️ The benefits, challenges, and features of electronic record systems in healthcare. EHR/EMR systems are very popular among American healthcare providers.  With this type of technology, public health workers can achieve healthcare quality that has never been achieved […]

How Custom Healthcare Software Is Developed for Secure HIPAA Compliance

At TATEEDA GLOBAL, we know all about the principles of HIPAA compliance in software development. In this article, we’ll discuss how to ensure HIPAA compliance for a wide range of medical solutions, from complex hospital-management or inventory-management systems to medical IoT solutions.     In 1996, Congress passed a bill called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability […]

How to Develop Pharmacy Management Software

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E-Prescription Software Development: The Complete Guide

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Cardiology EHR/EMR Software Development: Benefits and Features

In this article, we’ll discuss… The current situation with cardiac health in the U.S. Benefits and features of custom cardiology software development, including EHR integrations Guidelines on how to develop an EHR system for cardiology practices and/or get help with this type of software project. Cardiology and cardiac patient care are some of the most […]

How to Develop Hospital Management Software in 2022

In this article, we will explain how to create hospital management software (HMS). If you are required to develop a hospital management system, you’ll need to delve deeply — not only into health tech matters under the hood, but also into existing business processes in your hospital or clinic. When a layperson comes to a […]

Remote ECG-monitoring Software Development: Features, Benefits, and Guidelines 2022

In this article, we’ll discuss: How the current situation in healthcare has encouraged a boom in electrocardiogram-monitoring software development The reasons for creating an ECG monitoring system for your healthcare practice How to develop an ECG monitoring system or get help with this type of project.  The terrifying facts speak for themselves:  According to official […]

How to Benefit from Remote Patient-monitoring Software Development

In this article, we’ll discuss… why remote patient-monitoring software development is a promising field in medical innovation. everything there is to know about the development of remote patient monitoring software, including RPM software features and benefits. Remote patient-monitoring (RPM) technology is not a new discipline in health tech.  The RPM concept belongs to the telehealth […]

Patient Electronic Data Capture Solution Development: The Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss… How to develop an electronic data capture system for medical needs   The features and benefits of an EDC system in healthcare practice How to get qualified assistance with this type of project Getting patient feedback is a crucial factor in healthcare analytical efforts. It’s necessary for many situations, but especially […]

How to Maintain and Support Healthcare Software: The Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss why software maintenance is needed in healthcare. We’ll learn everything there is to know about methods, the specialists you’ll need, the associated costs, and the overall importance of software maintenance for all healthcare organizations. You’ll learn how to organize your software to save valuable resources. Modern healthcare services are inseparable […]